Looking for interviews with Black Metal bands, well, you found them.

Interview: Aegrus

We had an exclusive interview with Lux Tenebris and Darkseer Inculta, about their band Aegrus and what drives their music.

Interview: Midgard of Ouija

Spain’s OUIJA! An institution and one of the proud Spanish black metal scene’s seminal bands. Since 1995, they’ve carved into the hearts of those fortunate enough to have experienced their music the deepest of blasphemies through their message of rebellion…

Absolute creator of Teitan

TEITAN – In Oculus Abyss

Since the nineties, the works of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) have been an inexhaustible resource for black metal musicians, and for black metal as a subgenre in general. The statement “God is dead” and the concept of Nihilism…

Interview: Schavot

Nowadays, numerous black metal acts “successfully” carbon copy the sounds and aesthetics of the glorious Nineties' Second Wave, but very few actually capture the feel of that era...

Resurrecting the Riff – A Vredensdal Interview

“In the end it must be metal, the real way.“ My first introduction to Vredensdal was last year’s truly magnificent full length «Silence is Eternal». To me, this was a refreshing take on the tried and tested black metal recipe,…