Looking for interviews with Black Metal bands, well, you found them.

Interview: Vltima (GER)

Vltima, a Black Metal band from Germany, recently released their debut full-length album “Ouroboros” through TeufelsZeug Records. It’s a brutal and pure musical menace! And we had the chance to interview the members of the band. My greetings to Nebelschleier…

Widertod interview black metal promotion

Interview: Widertod (GER)

Recently, I was flabbergasted by the debut EP from Widertod and had to write a short review for it. During my research on the band, I found next to no information about the band. Seeing I had to learn more…

Evilcult band, line-up of 2022

Interview: Evilcult – Brazilian Black Metal

Hailing from the extreme South of Brazil, Evilcult is a band formed in 2016 that follows the path of their fellow countrymen. The power trio formed by Lucas “From Hell” (vocals/guitar), Mateus “Blasphemer” Scussel (drums) and Renato “Speedwolf” (bass) is preparing to release its second full length in the upcoming months.