Welcome to the contact page for the Black Metal Zine website. Our team consists of passionate black metal enthusiasts who are committed to promoting and supporting the underground black metal scene throughout the world. You can find everything from the classic Norwegian black metal to the latest music from emerging bands here.

Information and Questions

You can reach us via the email addresses below:

For press statements: press[at]
For information/questions: info[at]
Promo lists: You can use info[at] to add us to your promo lists.

Music Submission


Released a new album or EP? You can send us a copy, preferable digital, and we will do our best to give it a review. But since we all have jobs and a private life, it can take a while or not happen at all. Please note that we only review music in the Black Metal genre or blackened genres (Black ‘n Roll, for example).

Please Note: we won’t respond to questions why there hasn’t been a review (yet), this goes for digital and physical submissions.

To make sure we review the work at the best quality, please send us one of the following:


Files: The files in FLAC/WAV format. You can email the link/location of the files to music[at], if possible, we prefer Bandcamp codes over files because that makes it easier to distribute the files to other writers. While sending files, please do not use WeTransfer.

Promo lists: When available, feel free to add our email address to the promo lists vendor of your choice, for example Haulix / Hear the Music and others.

Bandcamp/SoundCloud: You can also send us a private Bandcamp/SoundCloud link where we can listen to your new album.


If you want to send us a physical copy (CD, Vinyl, or Tape), you can do so, please contact us via email to make the shipping arrangements. But we prefer digital, just saying.

Press Accreditation

When we send out mails registering for press accreditation, this will always be done from an official [at] email address. If you get an email that’s not using that domain, you can ignore the email.


We use the discord of Black Metal Promotion to hang out. You can join us for a chat by using the following link: