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Duivel is a black metal band from the Netherlands. Duivel is the Dutch word for Devil. The band consisting of five members gave out their first self-titled EP Duivel in 2019. Their first full-length album Tirades uit de hel came out in 2020 and the band is now out with the follow-up EP Heiligschennis. Heiligschennis is released by Nomad Snakepit Productions and Ván Records on both cassette and vinyl.

Some of Duivels members have ties to other metal bands such as Black Anvil, Urfaust and Fluisterwoud. Bassist Paul Delaney “P.” also has ties to the American punk/hardcore scene.


Heiligschennis consists of six tracks and has a total runtime of twenty minutes. This brutal EP really flies by quickly and leaves you hungry for more. The songs from track two and five are the main musical performances on the EP as track one and six are ambient intro’s and outro’s

The EP opens with the track “Lijkenkar” which serves as a ambient intro. The tone sets a very eerie feeling for the listener. It sounds like a cart-wagon rolling down a trail with church bells occasionally ringing that is added to the ambient tones.

Track two “Gedoemd tot dolen” opens aggressively with fast riffs and enraged drums. Keyboardist “K.” does a good job of creating eerie tunes throughout the EP. The shrieking vocal style that really stings on this EP is done by no less than four vocalists!

  1. Lijkenkar
  2. Gedoemd tot dolen
  3. Satánas
  4. Onanerend voor de zwaveltroon
  5. Heksenkut
  6. Kerkrot

A slow doomy riff and thundering drums makes the intro for the third track “Satánas”. The pace is quickly transformed into overdrive with a satanic scream. The drums stand out in this piece and are the main force of power.

“Onanerend voor de zwaveltroon” is the fourth track on the EP and, in my opinion, also the best piece. The song title translates somewhat into “Masturbating in front of the sulfur-throne”. This song is also very aggressive but has some extremely groovy sections. This groove section really uplifts this track and will get the listeners to bang their heads.

A drum wall break open the fifth track “Heksenkut” before a horrific scream carries the song forward. A eerie guitar riff rings in the background throughout the song. The drums are a bit sharper on this, but sound amazing. Overall, a hooking and compelling song.

Heiligschennis ends with the sixth track, “Kerkrot”. An eerie ambient piece consisting of howling winds and synthesizers.


Although this EP should be listened to in its entirety to fully obtain and appreciate its variety and aggression, there’s one track that captures the feel of Duivel greatly.

The track to check out to get a taste of the Duivel is the fourth track “Onanerend voor de zwaveltroon”. This is a brilliant song that hooks you in violently. The track has screaming guitars, captivating vocals, great synthesizers and bestial grooves.


This is a solid EP from the satanic Duivel. It’s massive sound is a delight to blast on the speakers. With interesting songwriting and a sence of hardcore influence, accompanied by those nasty hooking riffs, makes this release worth your time.

I recommend this EP for fans of faster black metal who enjoy raging riffs and shrieking vocals!

BMZ Score: 7,5 / 10

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