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Dusk Cult, the Australian two-man black metal band with members from Be’lakor and Rainshadow, released their second album “Night Sky Revelations”. I’m familiar with Be’lakor but not with this side project of theirs, so I went in with an open mind and liked what I heard. So, after listening to the album a few times, it’s time for the review.

Night Sky Revelations

The new album contains 8 tracks and has a runtime of almost 43 minutes. According to the band, the new album contains elements of doom and folk, but it tries to remain rooted in influences of second wave black metal. And after a few spins of the new album. I can only agree with that. The base of the album is black metal, but the influences from the other styles are there, and it makes for a compelling album.

The new album was produced by Troy McCosker who also worked with bands like Ne Obliviscaris and Be’lakor for example, and he did an outstanding job. The album is mixed properly and the vocals and instruments are mixed very well together, neither of them is taking the front stage, and it sounds at least to me like a proper mix.

  1. Black Cloud Worship
  2. Lupercalia
  3. Western Embers
  4. Ascent of Mars
  5. Mondaufgang
  6. Celestial Fury
  7. Lunar Geography
  8. Fires in the Gloom

For me, “Mondaufgang” has to be one of the album’s highlights (although this may vary for other listeners). The song starts off at full speed, with pounding drums and powerful vocals that immediately grab your attention. It’s a compelling combination that draws you in and keeps you listening, and it’s also the track that for me shows off the doom elements the band has talked about. As someone who likes to read song lyrics to better understand a band’s message, I’m pleased to say that the lyrics for this album are readily available.

In moonlit confessions
The cult assembles along the coast
The starlight ablaze
Across oceans of darkness far above
The principal motive
The secret arts of nocturnal service
Salt in the air

Lyrics from Mondaufgang by Dusk Cult

Another standout track for me is the album’s final offering, “Fires in the Gloom.” Although it’s the longest track on the album, it’s also the most diverse, with a range of sounds and styles that keep the listener engaged. The song begins with a cozy folk intro that quickly gives way to heavier music, and the drums are a particular highlight for me. Throughout the album, the drumming is varied and dynamic, with slow buildups that change into pummeling blast beats after the interlude midway through “Fires in the Gloom.” The vocals also change after the interlude, becoming harsher and colder, which is precisely how I like my black metal vocals.

On the final eve in dampened soil
When laid to rest at the doom
They will be there still
Under cloudless skies
The fires in the gloom

Lyrcis from Fires in the Gloom by Dusk Cult

This is a solid album and I can recommend it to everyone who likes black metal with some doom/folk influences. The overall package is great, and it all blends together very well. I truly enjoyed the album and I have been listening to it regularly. I’m also looking forward to what the future will bring for this band.

BMZ Score: 7,5 / 10

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