Norwegian Black Metal Duo Hengestaur Poised to Take the Scene by Storm

Hengestaur, a two-person black metal band hailing from Norway, is creating a stir in the metal community with their raw and genuine sound. Their music, labeled as “the next wave of Norwegian black metal,” is gaining recognition for its unyielding, fierce, and intense style that harks back to the genre’s roots.

Hengestaur - Bandmembers

The duo comprises drummer/vocalist Hesj and guitarist Evokatosh, who came together in 2016 and released their debut album titled “ånesott.” This album has garnered critical acclaim for its straightforward approach to black metal, featuring searing guitar riffs, thunderous drumming, and vocals that alternate between agonized shrieks and haunting screams.

In an interview with Metal Hammer magazine, Hesj expressed, “We’re not attempting to revolutionize or be innovative. We’re just producing black metal the way it should be: authentic. We want to capture the raw power and darkness that drew us to this music in the first place.”

Evokatosh added, “We’re not concerned with gimmicks or fads. We’re just two individuals who love black metal and want to perform it the way it was intended to be played.”

Despite the pandemic restrictions that have made it challenging for bands to tour and play live shows, Hengestaur has been amassing a fan base through online streaming platforms and social media. Fans have commended the band’s shows for their intense energy and unfiltered emotion.

Hengestaur appears to be on the verge of making a significant impact on the black metal scene. If you’re a fan of authentic and unyielding brutal black metal, keep an eye on this duo.

Bandcamp: Ånesott | Hengestaur (

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