Interview: Aegrus

Lux Tenebris & Darkseer Inculta

Origin: Kouvola, Kymenlaakso, Finland
Formed in: 2005
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Osmose Productions

Aegrus – Finland’s most impactful black metal band as of late and true champions of the Satanic way, are so much more than your traditional or typical “Satanic” black metal outfit. For Aegrus, Satanism and Devil worship are a substantial part of life; one for which they’ve sold theirs souls… And the music created by what I consider to be the cream of the contemporary Finnish black metal circuit is of the most freeing and transcendental consortium. Self-development and the channeling of outer forces through self being the main catalysts to their scene-dominating scourge. During my latest interview, Darkseer Inculta and Lux Tenebris give us some insight into their relationship with Satan/Lucifer, their creative process, thoughts on the current & past scenes and, of course, their forthcoming album, “Invoking the Abysmal Night”.

Aegrus operates with a full lineup of musicians, rather than the billions of soloists and duos out there in the black metal world. Consequently, I think it’s important for the band dynamic to be restored within the genre. Furthermore, I feel like anything that challenges a musician gets tossed out the window these days. What has been the value of the band dynamic for Aegrus?

Darkseer Inculta: In Manus Satanas was the first release we did as a whole band together. Until that, we operated as a duo, excluding a couple of demos and one EP in the beginning. That worked fine in itself, but since we play all rehearsals and live shows with a complete line-up, there wasn’t really a reason to not do the same with recordings as well. In my opinion, it has brought more dynamic and variation to our sound & style. Serpentifer is also a much more talented and able drummer than me.

Your forthcoming album “Invoking the Abysmal Night” is a bit more experimental compared to 2019’s “In Manus Satanas”, particularly with tracks like “Nocturnal Rites of Faust” that crossover genres. What inspired you to take more risks with this one?

Lux Tenebris: There’s more variation in that album than ever before, but everything came naturally or transcendentally if you will. I always reflect inner and outer influences to my music, be it my inner emotions, the twilight breath of Satan or just adaptation of something musically impressive that got me under its spell. When it comes to “Nocturnal Rites of Faust”, I listen to other music genres than black metal too, so my musical influences come from everywhere and can show up emanating like this.

Furthermore, clean guitars and solos aren’t exactly new territory for us since we have played those parts many times before, but maybe it stands out more discernibly this time.

What was the songwriting/recording process like for the new material?

Darkseer Inculta: There wasn’t anything different this time around compared to any of our past releases. Lux Tenebris composed all the music, while I wrote most of the lyrics. That has been our way of creating music since the very beginning. Final arrangements are made in our rehearsal chamber as a whole band together when the songs are finished. We have always recorded everything by ourselves. That way we can work at our pace without any hurry or pressure.

What are your plans as far as live rituals following its release?

Lux Tenebris: A week after the release of “Invoking The Abysmal Night” we are having a release event in Finland, in which Ruttokosmos, Vornat and AntimateriA (in which I play too) are participating. All bands are from the same region as we are originally, so that’s a special event worth checking for.
Next spring, our first Central European show is to happen in Switzerland at Black Hole Fest V with Gorgoroth and Sargeist among others. It would be great to add some other gigs along that trip, for example in Germany, in Belgium or in France, but let’s see what happens.

As with most genuine black metal bands, Aegrus’ creative well runs deep and beyond the musical aspect of things. It’s said that self-development and transcendental knowledge are the driving forces behind the band as a whole. Are these disciplines and epiphanies sought through the practice of Satanism?

Lux Tenebris: Satanism and Devil worship are the foundation of my life, my philosophy and naturally Aegrus is deeply bound with my life. The things mentioned by you reflect my goals in life, in which self development is the constant driving force and transcendental knowledge is the higher state to aim for.

Darkseer Inculta: Partly yes, partly no. Although Satanism, or rather I’d say Devil worship is a huge part of me, some of it was already rooted in me back in the day before I could even identify what all of this really is and what it means. Over the years, I’ve developed my own interpretations of what that whole concept is for me personally and how it is affecting my life and the way I feel/see things.

When it comes to self-development, that should be a part of every living creature in general. To learn, to evolve. Not just being limited to being a part of Satanism.

The lines between what separate Satanism and Luciferianism seem to be converging within the realm of black metal. These days, more and more artists are creating material that’s inspired by the illumination of Lucifer, rather than how the genre was originally formed with Devil worship being the main influence. How important has Lucifer been to the band’s creative process?

Lux Tenebris: As a spiritual person, I see Satan and Lucifer as the same entity, only looked at from a different perspective. Devil worship goes hand in hand with Luciferian illumination and the force called Satan/Lucifer is the real God: keeper of real knowledge hidden behind the curtains of darkness only available for those who have the will strong enough to discover it.

I’m lucky enough that I’ve found inner peace with HIM, and I strongly feel we are now living in symbiosis. I am gaining unspeakable things from HIM and giving no less than my soul for exchange. So naturally, Lucifer plays a big part in our lives, and that being said, in the creativeness of the band.

Darkseer Inculta: As Lux Tenebris already described it quite comprehensively, Satan/Lucifer are basically the same coin with different sides. Each of them represents different aspects of Devil worship to me as the other is more related to primal instincts, feelings etc. while the other being more involved with spiritual ways, knowledge, self-development and so on. Can’t really put everything into words, but I think you get the idea.

Has any of Aegrus’ music been inspired by ritual?

Lux Tenebris: Not by ritual since ritual has all an all different character than composing songs, but definitely inspired by constant outer powers filtered through my body.

I was once told in one of my interviews that Satanism cannot be commercialized. There was sound reasoning behind this, but it seems like that’s precisely what some mainstream bands are doing – cashing in on Satanic principles and concepts. Take away the Satanic elements of some of these bands, and they would have little else to sell. How do you feel about the use of Satanic imagery, concepts, and philosophies to sell records?

Darkseer Inculta: This is one of those topics that I don’t really care about. I guess if money and fame comes through your creations, and music you have poured into your heart & soul, blood & sweat, then it comes. But for us, fame and fat wallets have never been the goal. As cliché as it sounds, first and foremost, we do this for ourselves. We have sold our souls to Satan…

Lux Tenebris: Satanism was already commercialized by LaVey during the 60s, so it has been done long time ago. If someone does this kind of successful music with his whole heart, I guess then it’s fine, but of course, there are lots of these trolls and posers who are making “Satanic” music only because they get money from it, and it’s cool to be evil according to the majority. I generally tend to ignore those kinds of people, since they are too shallow and lack the perspective that I seek from the others who I’m voluntarily dealing with. Honest and genuine people are the ones who earn my time and respect, no matter the subject. Life is too short to care about everyone or everything.

Aegrus formed years after the “Dark War” that took place in the 90s between Finnish and Norwegian hordes. From your perspective, is that competitive flair still alive between the two scenes?

Darkseer Inculta: No. Such a thing doesn’t exist anymore, or at least I’m unaware if it does. Not that I really even care about that nonsense.

Lux Tenebris: It was around 30 years ago, so that era has been buried in the past. I think it was mainly VV who sent death threat letters to Mika Luttinen from Impaled Nazarene. Actually, Mika with his brother Kimmo got tens of the same kinds of letters from France too. Namely, it was Vlad Tepes guys along with Mutilation who sent letters to them and also to Osmose they sent dead rats among others, haha. But that’s part of the juvenile past of Black Metal, and today the Finnish and Norwegian Black Metal scenes are really vital on their own.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned about yourself through self-development, and how have you applied it to Aegrus?

Darkseer Inculta: That’s quite hard to answer because I believe many things happen naturally and unconsciously without thinking about it too much. These are much easier to notice in real life situations rather than how I make music, but at least our lyrics have become more thoughtful and deep throughout the years.

Lux Tenebris: I can’t say only one thing, it’s too hard. The process is going on all the time. Currently, I feel I am the best version of me. I feel inner peace, I am stronger than ever, and I feel I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the essence of this absolute. Time will tell how it translates into Aegrus.

Do you have a message for the horde?

Darkseer Inculta: Check our new album when it comes out and possible gigs/other related news about Aegrus. Hail Satan!

Lux Tenebris: Open your mind and soul to the obscure. That way, you can reach to the next level and beyond.

A special thank you to Darkseer Inculta, Lux Tenebris and Aegrus.

The Album

The new album will be released on the 27th of October, but you can listen to it in full on the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel, or by clicking on the video below.

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