Interview: Vltima (GER)

Vltima, a Black Metal band from Germany, recently released their debut full-length album “Ouroboros” through TeufelsZeug Records. It’s a brutal and pure musical menace! And we had the chance to interview the members of the band.

My greetings to Nebelschleier and everyone! Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. Could you guys, please introduce yourself and your band, Vltima?

Vltima was born in 2021 initially as a one-man project but turned into a full 4 piece Black Metal Commando.

In 2022, we recorded our first full-length album “Ouroboros” which is available now via the band itself and Teufelszeug Records.

It’s also listed on streaming platforms like Spotify and Bandcamp, for example.

Congratulations on your debut album! The track “Abglanz” from the album first premiered on Black Metal Promotion, and it was phenomenal! Since then, I became intrigued and patiently awaited the album’s release. Now that the album is out, what response has the band received?

The response is positive all the way.

We didn’t expect so many people would dig this because we never really cared, to be honest.

So, everything works fine for us and our label supports us very well throughout the release.

Tell us more about the album and how the band has developed this identity. What does “Ouroboros” mean to you?

Besides the tremendous stories in the mythologies of Ouroboros, we take it as the symbol of what it stands for.

It’s the beginning and the end of everything. So, we think it’s a good way to start the Vltima engine.

The ouroboros or uroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its tail. It is The whole divine figure represents the beginning and the end of time, and it is often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life, death, and rebirth.
Vltima – Ouroboros
The antagonizing riffs, pummeling drums, soul-piercing vocals full of rage, and the production were exceptionally outstanding. The ascendancy of the second wave was visible. In terms of the lyrical theme, songwriting, and style, what are some influences that inspired the band?

To be honest, there are no necessary influences to mention. It’s just our way of playing Black Metal music.

We have a clear focus on how Vltima needs to sound, and lyrically I could throw some words in like dystrophy, melancholy, astrology and occult stuff.

Could you please give us a walk-through of the creative process? What goes down while songwriting and recording?

It always starts with one riff, and we build up everything around that riff.

We focus on good song structures and sound creation. We set the level for editing very low so that the complete songs sound as organic as much as possible.

This music is handmade, and the listeners have to hear that. The only important thing is to keep the music real, that’s it.

What’s next for Vltima in the future? What can we expect?

In the last couple of weeks, we finished preparations for our live set, and now we are working on new material.

Writing music is the heart of Vltima. But furthermore, we are excited about our first live presentation. You should not miss that experience.

Finally, do you have any shout-outs or a message for your supporters?

We want to thank everyone who listens to our music and keeps the flame burning.

And of course, specials thanks to our label and bands – they all do an impressive job out there.

We are Vltima, and we play Black Fucking Metal!

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