Killing Mondays: black coffee and blacker music

Mondays suck

We all know the feeling; it’s Monday the week just started, and you feel like crap and wish it was the weekend again. It’s a feeling that’s shared all around the world. We get it, and we know that feeling all too well. So to help you all get through Monday, we made a list of 5 releases you should listen to and make the day a bit less dreadful. So grab a cup of the blackest coffee and let’s start.

Moonlight Sorcery – Horned Lord of the Throned Castle.

Let’s start off with the new album of Moonlight Sorcery. This will be released on the 29th of September, but it got an early premiere on the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel. This album is the debut album by the band after 2 excellent EPs; Piercing Through the Frozen Eternity and Nightwind: The Conqueror from the Stars. As said, this album will be released by the end of the week, but you can give it a listen on the BMP channel or by watching the video below.

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Aphelium Aeternum – Dark Interstellar Mysteries

This album is the debut album of Aphelium Aeternum, and they are off to a great start. The band and album are labelled as symphonic black metal, and that’s what they deliver. The album has loads of symphonic parts, but there is a great melodic side to it as well. So give the album a try and let us know in the comments what your thoughts are for this album.

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Verderbnis – Paria

Melodic Black Metal from Germany, what could go wrong, you would think? Well, nothing in this case! The band released a great album with great riffs and awesome vocals. This is their debut album, and I’m excited about the future and any new album they release.

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Old Ruins – Always Heading East

Old Ruins released an EP back in 2020 and this year they released their first debut album, Always Heading East. The style of the music is melodic black metal with heavy metal fluences. The thing that appealed even more to me is that all the lyrics are based on the video game Diablo, which I’m a big fan off. So that’s a plus in my book! So drop what you are doing for work and give it a spin.

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One from the Vault; Vinterland – Welcome My Last Chapter

Vinterland the band that made an impact with only one album. They released this album in 1996, and it was their first and, sadly enough, their last album. If you like black metal or melodic black metal for that matter, you need to listen to this album. It is a must, in my humble opinion.

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Your Thoughts and Recommendations?

Do you have any recommendations of albums that just got released? Please let us know in the comments below, and join our discord, where we discuss all things black metal! Make sure to follow our Facebook page, Black Metal Zine to receive notifications when we publish articles. Also check out our Instagram at @blackmetal.zine for concert pictures and more!

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