Interview: Melan Selas – A mystical journey towards the truth

Melan Selas from Trikala, Greece. Formed in 2015. They describe their music as black metal with epic and atmospheric elements. As well as certain sections that are a bit more aggressive, the result is a beautiful yet dark experience. Much like the attainment of Ascension, one must walk the path of perdition. We have had the opportunity to interview Melan Selas. Discussing the new album “Zephyrean Hymns” and various other topics surrounding the band.

Band members of Melan Selas.

First, I would like to know what the name Melan Selas means and how does it tie in with what you want to project with your music

“Melan Selas” means “Black Light” in ancient, but also in modern Greek. It represents a contradiction between darkness and light, while it indicates how close these two elements are as well. In fact, if you would like to approach the light, you have to walk through the dark. This is vividly portrayed in our songs, especially through the lyrics from a philosophical standpoint.

Your lyrical themes consist of Ancient times, Nature and Philosophy. With that being said, would you care to elaborate on the vision of Melan Selas

Melan Selas’ art is a mystical journey towards the truth. The character of our music, the epic and the atmospheric parts, also the furious and thrashy ones, all stand as fertile ground on which one can be part of a spiritual quest. In an attempt to sense the deepest meaning behind every shade of existence. This is what our lyrics are about, given in various forms, mostly through symbols and allegories. Connecting with nature is the key when it comes to exploring what surrounds us, but also what we are made of. Finally, ancient times, and the Hellenic past more specifically, is always a source of endless inspiration.

Zephyrean Hymns which is your latest album released on September 22nd. Quite a beautiful experience I would say, upon first listening to the album, I took a walk in the forest and it seemed perfect. Especially when it got to the song “Darkened Cliff” at that moment I just found myself staring at the sky. The emotion and somewhat dreamy atmosphere took me away from all mundane thoughts. I was drifting away and connected with something higher, I’d call it spirit. The transition of that song from the first half to the second and right through to the end just felt magical. There are many beautiful moments on this album, but this particular track stands as my current favorite. Now, of course I know that the way music is perceived is always personal. So my question is, does the vision of the album somehow coincide with what I experienced or is it something else according to you?

We are glad that this track gave you this particular feeling. It appears that you truly experienced its essence, and this is something we aimed for. For us, it’s always about the ascension of the spirit to something otherworldly, something great and inhumane in the most magical way, in the attempt to reach the boundaries of human nature.

There are some traces of classic style Hellenic Black metal on the album, but not without its own unique feel and atmosphere. Some thrash elements are found as well. Along with several beautiful passages and melodies. What would you say your inspiration is?

Our inspiration comes from our various musical influences, but also from life itself and the need of self-expression. This is how our music blend takes its final form.

Are you open to doing live shows, or are there any upcoming live shows for you?

Currently, we are awaiting to play our first live show after a long time, on the 4th of November in Larissa, Greece. More shows will come after this, so stay tuned!

Is music and black metal the only art form you are involved in, or is there any other work you would like to share?

D.K. is also active in the thrash metal band Riffobia and is creating music for his heavy metal project called For My Sanity. He is also a member of Katavasia. Astraea is experimenting with rap lately, while she is also working on some other personal projects, including playing music, but also writing poetry and more.

Is there anything you would like to say to the fans of your music?

We would like to thank all of our fans for all the support and interest they have shown towards the band so far. This truly makes us stronger. Continue listening to music passionately, feeling it to the fullest, in the most thoughtful way possible.

Do you have advice for individuals wanting to start their bands or projects?

We encourage everyone who is feeling the artistic urge for creation to act to bring his or her work to light. Play music, listen to music, be true to yourself and always stay focused on your vision.

Thank you for accepting this interview. Final words are yours. Is there anything you would like to say?

Thank you very much for having us. Live life passionately and thoughtfully. Cheers!

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