New Track from Trivax’s Upcoming Album – Eloah Burns Out

Eloah Burns Out an Opus about Death

On the 29th of September the band will release their new album “Eloah Burns Out” but before that time has arrived they released a new single titled Alpha predator, this is accompanied by a lyrics video.

You can watch the new video here

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The new album is an opus about Death, and the band has the following to say about it;

“As the album is themed around Death and its many facets, “Alpha Predator” speaks from one of the most important accounts relating to death, which is the core perspective of the murderer.
The apex killer, the terminator, and the one who seeks to end all external traces of life because it is simply his purpose and destiny to do so.

This song is a tapping to the shadow side, the primitive side of man and nature, which is something that exists within each one of us. It is filled with a strong, confident, almost macho – yet harsh and bitter intent, true to the deepest and darkest parts of our very own nature.

In the end, the song acknowledges the futility of it all, that we are hardwired to kill, only to some day reach our mortality.

Behold, for my will is fire!
This hunt will not stop until the funeral pyre…”

The band members of Trivax getting ready to release Eloah Burns Out.
About the band and new album

On September 29, 2023, Cult Never Dies, a UK-based publishing house and record label, will release “Eloah Burns Out,” a captivating concept album that narrates the story of Death. The album, crafted by the band Trivax, will be available in multiple formats, including CD, 12″ LP, cassette, and digital versions. To secure your copy in advance, pre-orders can be made through the label’s web store, which offers options for both the UK & ROW store and the EU store.

Trivax came into existence in the late 2000s, led by guitarist and vocalist Shayan. It is worth noting that the band’s origin, Iran, may come as a surprise given the country’s strict regulations on music, particularly within the realm of black metal. These stringent laws have resulted in severe consequences, such as punishment, imprisonment, and even death. Seeking a more conducive environment for their musical pursuits, Shayan relocated to the UK, where he found a kindred spirit in bassist Sully. Similar to Shayan, Sully had fled Syria to escape imprisonment due to his association with metal. Completing the powerful trio was M. Croton, an accomplished British drummer with years of experience under his belt.

We here at BMZ had a nice interview with Trivax and are eagerly awaiting the new album!



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