Review: Noxifer – Anticosmic Hymns of Retribution

Recently, I was finally able to tune in on time on one of the BMP streams (I am usually always too late…) To my surprise, I was welcomed by some killer death/black riffs by the dudes from Noxifer. This melodic black/death metal band from Mexico just released their debut EP titled ‘Anticosmic Hymns of Retribution’. After giving it a couple of spins, I thought I might as well throw in my two cents.


As always, sound first! This really sounds raw and at times garage-like. Although that might sound off-putting, trust me it’s not. All instruments are audible, and it adds to the harsh atmosphere they were aiming for. A perfect fit for this debut EP with an overall death metal sound in its mix! 

The clear winner of this EP are the great riffs filling up this EP. Whereas I am getting Deicide vibes from the killer death metal riffs, I also hear influences creeping in from bands like Dissection. This mix of styles and creative riff writing is right up my alley. Kudos!

Whereas the riffs are the crown jewel, the vocals are less impressive at times. The screams and grunts of vocalist Alemsahim are solid, his clean parts though are just a miss in my opinion (especially the track ‘Leftlover of Maha Kali’. What happened there?!)? Luckily, the majority of the EP is filled to the brim with harsh and dirty screams. Especially the track ‘The Winter Lament’ has some really great vocals which reminds me of the older material from At The Gates. I’d say keep following that path, then you have an interesting mix of styles!

Conclusion: Although a bit sloppy at times (especially the vocals) this is a fine debut EP from Noxifer that contains some killer  riffs and aggressive atmosphere. The riffs alone make me look forward to hearing more from these guys! 

Favorite track ‘A Sky Full of Nothing’.

BMZ Score: 6,5 / 10

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