Review: Petit Nuage Noir – Among the Graves

A black introduction

“Among the Graves” is the debut album by Petit Nuage Noir, which translates to “A little black cloud” in English. It’s an adorable name for a band that plays fast and raw black metal. Formed in 2022 and hailing from Poland, a country with a reputation for excellent black metal, Petit Nuage Noir has just premiered their first album on our YouTube channel.

Before delving into the album, it’s worth highlighting the band’s logo, which deserves to be in the spotlight. It features crosses that mark the graves, complementing the album’s title perfectly, and is one of the better designs out there.

Among the Graves

The album consists of 7 tracks with a total runtime of 27 minutes and 21 seconds. While those 27 minutes are well-spent, the total playtime is on the shorter side, and it almost feels like an EP – at least to me.

  1. I Am Nothing
  2. On the Trail of Satan
  3. Cult of Lies
  4. Echoes of Eternal
  5. Oblivion and Decay
  6. Wolf of Black Metal
  7. On the Other Side

Another aspect that caught my attention is the album cover, which features a stave church in flames. This image is an iconic symbol of the black metal scene of the 90s. I appreciate the vibe that the artwork exudes, and the great band logo ties it all together.

The first track of the album, “I Am Nothing,” starts slowly, but after a while, the blast beats kick in, accompanied by some very nice riffs. The vocals and lyrics match the atmosphere perfectly, making for a great opening track when combined.

A Deep Dive

Among the graves I will forget my name
I will forget where I come from
No friends, no relatives
Neither rain nor snow
Only sorrow and darkness
And boundless bliss
Despair and longing

Lyrics from the first song I Am Nothing.

The third track, titled “Cult of Lies,” begins with powerful growls and screams complemented by relentless drumming. The song takes a refreshing turn halfway through, incorporating some nice black ‘n roll and melodic riffs, providing a break from the ongoing onslaught of drums and growls. The lyrics, fittingly anti-Christian and in line with the song’s title, add to its overall impact.

They kiss their hands on their knees
How many hundreds of years must pass
How many more senseless wars

Lyrics from the third track, Cult of Lies.

My favorite track of the album is “Oblivion and Decay.” The track starts off relentless and unforgiving, with pummeling drums and great riffs, maintaining a fast-paced momentum throughout.

The only track I didn’t quite enjoy was “Wolf of Black Metal,” specifically some parts with clean singing that didn’t sound as appealing to my ears. In my opinion, the singer excels more in growls, screams, and grunts, so I would have preferred for them to stick to those vocals.


Overall, Petit Nuage Noir has created a decent album with some great songs that showcase their talent for fast-paced black metal. I’m eager to see what they come up with for their next release. You can give the album a listen by watching the video below. If you enjoy the album, buy it and support the artist!

BMZ Score: 7 / 10

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