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On this page, the black metal is sorted by Genre. Currently, there are 8 genres to choose from. If you are looking for a specific album, you can use the search function on BMP’s YouTube channel.

About the Black Metal genre

Black metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music that is characterized by its fast tempos, raw and lo-fi production, and occult or satanic lyrical themes. Within black metal, there are several subgenres that are defined by specific conventions, characteristics, and elements. Some examples of subgenres within black metal include:

  • Second wave black metal: This subgenre emerged in the early 1990s in Norway and is characterized by its raw, lo-fi production, and its use of blast beats, tremolo picking, and harsh vocals. Bands such as Mayhem, Burzum, and Emperor are a few of the more popular second wave black metal bands.
  • Melodic black metal: This subgenre emphasizes the use of melodic elements, such as catchy guitar riffs and memorable lead guitar lines, to create a more accessible and memorable sound. Bands such as Dissection, Emperor, and Dimmu Borgir are considered pioneers of this subgenre.
  • Atmospheric black metal: This subgenre emphasizes the creation of a specific atmosphere or mood through the use of atmospheric elements such as ambiance, texture, and melody.
  • Depressive Suicidal Black Metal (DSBM): This subgenre is characterized by its dark, melancholic, and introspective themes, and its raw and lo-fi production. The lyrics of DSBM bands often focus on topics such as depression, suicide, and personal suffering. Bands such as Xasthur and Leviathan fall within this subgenre.
  • Blackened Death Metal: This subgenre combines the elements of both death metal and black metal, characterized by its fast tempos, blast beats, and guttural vocals. Bands such as Behemoth, Watain and Belphagor are some pioneers of this subgenre.

It’s important to note that these subgenres are not fixed or rigid categories, and they can regularly overlap and evolve. Additionally, the characteristics and conventions that define these subgenres can vary depending on the band and the specific album.

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