Review: Eranthos – Death Entropy


Band: Eranthos
Album: Death Entropy
Country: Germany, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Independent

The German black metal band Eranthos is back with a new EP. Their last work, “Eternal Decay” was released in 2021, so almost two years later, it’s time for a second EP.

I listened to Eternal Decay when it was released, so I knew the band before I started listening to the new EP. So let’s see what they brought to the table this time.

Death Entropy

The new EP contains four songs with a runtime of 16 minutes. The first song with the title “Consumed by Light” hits you in the face the moment it starts. What I like about that is that it keeps your attention on the music; it basically demands it. That wall of sound that hits you reminds me of Wiegedood; that band is one of my favorite bands of the last decade, so in my book, it’s absolutely a good thing that they went for that sound.

Being a wall of sound doesn’t mean there aren’t any details in the music; there are plenty to be heard, the riffs are sharp, and the drums are outstanding. They sound like you need to take cover because of enemy fire; they just sound relentless. The vocals are very nice, too. The only thing I would like to see is a bit more variety; there are some on the last track, “Death Entropy” but a bit more would be nice. But to be honest, that’s a bit of nitpicking on my part and just preference, I guess.

My favorite track of the EP is the third one with the title “Portal of Aeons”, this song just has it all. It has a bit more change in tempo and hints of atmospheric black metal, but it still gives off that wall of sound that I like. So if you want to get a feel for what Eranthos is about, you should give this track a try. But with a runtime of 16 minutes, you should just listen to the entire EP.


So what’s the conclusion about this EP? As you could have guessed from the review, I liked it and I can’t wait for a full album by the band. With 2 good EPs, it’s time for a full album, in my opinion. Just give the album a try and let us know what you think about it on our social media platforms. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. And with that being said (well typed), it’s time for the BMZ grade…

BMZ rating: 7,5 out of 10

You can listen to the album by clicking on the YouTube video below (it premiered on the Black Metal Promotion YouTube channel), and remember, if you like it, you buy it! You can do so here: Death Entropy | Eranthos (

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