Review: ILD – Kvern

ILD - Kvern


ILD – Kvern

Country: Norway
Location: Skien, Telemark
Genre: Black Metal
Themes: Nature, Death, Solitude, Despair
Label: Vendetta Records

ILD - band

My first introduction to ILD was back when they released their debut album “Fandens Lykteskjær” and that hit me like a perfect storm. It was about two years ago now, and I was reading about them on a Norwegian music blog. I cranked up my stereo and let the sparse tones fill my living room. By immersing myself in the soundscape and the ambience, I felt transported to another time and place. The simple pictures used as album cover and illustrations depicting older times came to life and the characters started telling me their stories. One of my absolute favorite albums of 2021.

Now the time has come to once again sit down by the fireplace and listen to their latest offering, “Kvern”. Will it be able to encapsulate me in the same way as its predecessor, or is my dopamine chasing mind racing too fast to register any of it? Join me in the discovery.


As with “Fandens Lykteskjær” the album opens with an ambient piece setting the mood and building the suspense. I can already tell by the sound of the churning coffee grinder in the intro that we are sat around the fireplace ready to brew some true black norwegian java. At first, I notice there’s a lot more low end punch to the mixing of this than the previous one, it takes me a short while to get adjusted but from then on, I’m all onboard.

There is not a lot going on in these compositions, but what’s there sits perfectly balanced with each other and everything adds to the somber atmosphere that slowly builds with each song. The focus seems to be about creating a route for your current state of mind to escape into this world of our past. As pictured on the cover art, I feel as I am in a small cabin, with the wind howling outside, but we have a warm fireplace, freshly grounded coffee, tobacco and good company. It reminds me of my upbringing and our vacations spent mostly at our cabin in the mountains. (I was not allowed the pleasures of neither coffee nor tobacco back then, mind you).

ILD - Kvern


  1. Den sorte kunst
  2. Til gjeste
  3. Opp i røyk
  4. Det trekker så kaldt
  5. Og nå skal du dø
  6. Over flammehavet

Total runtime: 45 minutes


This is not really an album that I would choose to only listen to a few tracks of, it’s more a take your time and commit kind of album for me, which is absolutely my favourite. Why chase the next quick fix when you can sip your coffee and sink deeper into your chair and forget what’s been lingering on your mind all day. This album will let you breathe and ebb and flow along with it.

To summarize, if Death Cult Armageddon is the pinnacle of black metal music for you, then I suggest you find something else to listen to today, but if you have the time to let your body and mind relax for 45 minutes, it will quickly turn into 90 or more as this deserves a multitude of spins to truly show itself in full bloom.

I rate it 8,5 out of 10

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