Review: Jordsjuk – Råtner på Rot

Band: Jordsjuk
EP: Råtner på Rot
Country: Norway
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Indie Recordings
Release Date: March 15th 2024


It rocks, it rolls, it grooves, and it blasts. It ebbs and it flows. Is this Satyricon or Khold? Djevel or Tulus? It’s definitely Norwegian black metal, performed by some of the younger veterans of the scene. Jordsjuk is the collective effort of Renton, Sagstad, and Mannevond.

Mannevond is getting closer and closer to obtaining the title of Norwegian BM’s Throat G.O.A.T., as he has been serving his angry shrieks for bands such as Djevel, Urgehal, Endstille, Koldbrann, and recently joined Swedish legends Craft. Sagstad is the excellent axe wielder involved in bands such as Trollfest, Tottal Tömming, performing live for Nordjevel, and previously in Sarkom, as well as a short time live with Finntroll. Skin basher Renton is also currently in the excellent Nattverd and a former member of Trollfest, Djevel, Koldbrann, and Sarkom.

So, their pedigree is unquestionable. How does it all gel together on this, their debut EP?

The EP


  1. Stein til Byrden
  2. Siste Skanse
  3. Råtner På Rot
  4. Viva La Apocalypse

This is dark roasted coffee served with a piece of even darker chocolate, the perfect blend for a gloomy, rain-filled afternoon. The variation in tempos and grooves really resonates with me. These songs, making up this EP, may not be the most varied, but they serve as a strong representation of what this band is all about. They have already made their live debut at this year’s Orgivm Satanicvm in Oslo back in January. Apparently, they delivered exceptionally well, so make sure to watch out for more live dates from this talented trio, joined by live bassist Birger Larsen.


With this EP consisting of four rather short songs, one can hope they will explore more experimentation on their full-length album. This soundscape truly immerses me. If you are a fan of solid black metal with a touch of black ‘n’ roll, reminiscent of bands like mid-2000s Satyricon, Tulus, and Khold, make sure to invest in Jordsjuk early on. They are bound to gain significant attention soon.

Score: 8/10

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