Review: Kawir – Κυδοιμος | Kydoimos

‘Kydoimos’ — an archaic term used to describe the tumults of battlefields; the noises of war or the sound of arms clashing.

Band: Kawir
Album: Κυδοιμος | Kydoimos
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Soulseller Records
Released: 19th of April 2024


Kawir is well known in Greek black metal history for more than just being one of the longest-running band of its kind, but also for keeping to their Hellenic themes and mythos with unwavering loyalty. Since forming in 1993, the group has created a space for themselves within this genre by continually releasing albums that are equally filled with ferocious soundscapes as they are laced with atmospheric storytelling. Previous records such as Οφιόλατρεια (Ophiolatreia) and Εξιλασμός (Exilasmos) showcased aggressive riffs combined with epic tales—catalyzing deep dives into ancient Greek legends and pagan spirituality.

Throughout time, Kawir’s music grew; it evolved from the raw and primitive thrash heard on early demos into more sophisticated pieces with melodic complexities. Their talent lays in blending traditional Hellenic instruments and lyrics in Ancient Greek, alongside typical black metal ferocity, which enables them to always sound new even when everyone else might start sounding alike.

Κυδοιμος | Kydoimos

In their most recent release entitled Κυδοιμος (Kydoimos), Kawir continues exploring Greek mythology but this time around concentrating on ‘kydoimos’ — an archaic term used to describe tumults and confusion of battlefields; the noises of war or the sounds of arms clashing. The concept reverberates throughout the album not only in its lyrics but also through its very fabric as ‘noise’ becomes music reflecting the chaos of a battlefield during wartimes. Thus making it a fitting tribute to the ancient Greek battlefields.


  1. Τειρεσίας (Teiresias)
  2. Φλεγρας πεδίον (Fields of Flegra)
  3. Κενταυρομαχία (Centauromachy)
  4. Εκατόγχειρες (Hecatonchires)
  5. Μυρμιδόνες (Myrmidons)
  6. Αχιλλέας & Έκτωρας (Achilles & Hector)
  7. Η κηδεία του Αχιλλέα (Achilles Funeral)
  8. Εχετλαίος (Echetlaeus)
  9. Κυδοιμός (Kydoimos)
  10. Πόλεμος πάντων πατήρ (War Is the Father of All)

Κυδοιμος (Kydoimos) is highly detailed workmanship where right from track one and onward’s listeners are engulfed into fast-paced drumming accompanied by scorching guitar riffs while commanding vocals guide them through. Therthonax, the band’s frontman, delivers each line with both fierceness and reverence, making his voice a befitting conduit through which tales about gods and demigods constitute the lyrical backbone for this album. The fact that it’s in ancient Greek makes it even more appealing to me.

Black metal’s traditional elements have been blended with regional instrumentation & melodies, thereby building layers upon layers of sonic depth within this record; however, one should take note of guitar work characterized by intricate solos that meander across songs like Moirai-woven threads of fate. But what strikes most is how electric guitars, bass drums sound more energetic when contrasted against folk instruments such as lyre flute, which add a melodic quality giving it an overall richer texture.

Production quality deserves special mention here. Unlike early black metal’s lo-fi appeal, Κυδοιμος (Kydoimos) has been mixed clearly yet powerfully enough to let everything come out distinctively without losing touch with the genre’s gritty aggressiveness; thus these epic tales can be heard better enabling listeners get closer to the ancient storytelling.


Far beyond just being an album filled with songs, Κυδοιμος (Kydoimos) represents a lively mythic tapestry interwoven through sharp riffs and blast-beat-infused pummeling drums— Greek heritage celebrated via black metal. Kawir have not only stayed true to their beginnings but pushed them further than ever before in terms of quality and sound. It is an aggressive masterpiece crafted for those who may be new here as well old fans alike because it combines aggression with artistry in such a way that no one can walk away from listening unsatisfied either way.

Among a throng of other bands, what makes Kawir special is their dedication to thematic and musical integrity. It is records like Κυδοιμος (Kydoimos) that show how they are still influential and creative in the black metal genre. This album represents historic fights by capturing its chaos and grandeur, and it does so with an onslaught of brutal sound that is also well arranged into beautiful music; thus, inviting us all to swim deeper into Greek myths. This will always be among one of my most beloved albums by Kawir, serving both as far echoes from the past that honor the ancient Greek world, and as a new book in the story that’s called Kawir. You can listen to this ancient story by clicking the video below the score.

BMZ Rating: 8,5 out of 10

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