Review: Perisynti – Lihaksi Tullut Perkele

Keeping the spirit alive.

Band: Perisynti
Album: Lihaksi tullut Perkele
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Schattenkult Produktionen
Release Date, Album: 20th March 2024


Perisynti is back with their sophomore album after 18 years, a gap that was somewhat filled with a split and an EP. A new discovery for me, but what a refreshing one. Let’s dig deeper.

In this age of Spotify and social media, music seems to be pushing towards sounding loud and clear all at once. The room for dynamics is crammed to make the small Bluetooth speaker on your countertop fill the room with whatever black metal is on the Spotify radio that very moment. With remastered versions and even re-recordings of your old favorite extreme metal albums being the order of the day, should we all just submit to this auditory slaughtering of what made us embrace this kind of music in the first place? And yeah, I am aware of modern trve kvlt black metal,the raw and vampiric stuff, but that is something else altogether, and I do enjoy a lot of that as well. What I don’t enjoy so much is the sound that some of the bigger names in our scene go for, so overproduced it’s hard to even tell if it’s a human or a drum machine playing. Okay, enough of my old man rant, let’s talk about Perisynti.

The Album:


  1. Saatanan voima
  2. Jahven valheet hautaan
  3. Pimeyden kansa
  4. Synnin valta (ei murru)
  5. Hän on
  6. Harmageddonin taistelu
  7. Lihaksi tullut Perkele
  8. Perisynti

It was almost 15:00 CET, aka BMP premiere o’clock. My big mug of coffee had not fulfilled its duty, so I needed some fresh black metal to help. With the count-in from the sticks on the opening track Saatanan Voima, drums and guitars filling my living room, I quickly awoke from my overproduced metal slumber. I instantly felt like I was at a local punk show, then quickly realized this was more like being a fly on the wall in Darkthrone’s rehearsal space in the mid-90s. My assumptions were quickly confirmed by the band’s drummer, who was active in the YouTube chat.

He shared several details and stories from the recording of the album. It’s impressive to know the drums were recorded in single takes, given that they are very dynamic and expressive in how they are played. The use of roto-toms makes the fills stand out from your typical black metal run-of-the-mill drumming. The guitar work is also excellent, with keyboards filling in to create a dynamic and powerful sound overall. The mixing and mastering leave plenty of room for all the instruments to breathe without forcing it to sound clean and filtered. The vocals are perfectly matched, angry Finnish punky snarls sprinkled with some Swedish Naglfar-style sensibility of flow and delivery.

I will not break down this album song by song. I will say that, to me, this is a truly compelling listen through and through. Since their lyrics are all in Finnish, I truly can’t tell if they are singing about Satan or Santa. I think both live in Finland anyway… What I can tell is that this is really good craftsmanship when it comes to songwriting and a sense of dynamics. It made me realize why I still have a proper stereo setup at home, much to my neighbors’ agony and distress.


This was a much-needed album for me, awakening the callous metal heart in this tired old body. Now I can’t wait to go to my next show, to get more of this energy delivered straight into my veins. Just like most of us have grown accustomed to ordering a quick and easy take-away meal to our door, we still need to cook ourselves a hearty meal of meat and potatoes once in a while to not forget what truly made us who we are.

I rate this album 8 out of 10 cups of black coffee cooked on the burning remains of a finnish church.

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