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Sacrilegious Impalement hails from deep within the cold forests of Finland. The band was forged in the city Lahti, in the blashpemous year of 2006. They have an impressive and crushing discogrophy composed of a demo, two EP’s, and now four full-length albums with this, their latest release, Infinite Victor.

Sacrilegious Impalement is a five piece band made out of experienced members from bands like Urn, Evil Angel, Goatsodomy, and Satanic Torment.

As their album Infinite Victor was released erlier this year, and been up on Black Metal Promotion’s youtube channel for about 4 months and finding myself listening to it countless of times, I figured it was time for a review!

Infinite Victor

First things first, what a fucking stunning album cover they went for! It caught my eye straight away when I was scrolling through the countless albums BMP has premiered. With a name like Sacrilegious Impalement and the album art to match, I had to check it out. That was 4 months ago, after that multiple of the featured songs has made their way to my regular playlist.

Infinite Victor starts off with the track “Reign in Hell”, an eerie and dark instrumental intro for the album. It transitions into the first song of the album “Storming Death”. The vocals done by “Wrathprayer” are harsh and gritty but very destinguised. The drums bear a deep and fullfilling sound whereas the guitars are cold and harsh, a brutal contrast to eachother.

Infinite Victor has a total of twelve tracks and a runtime of almost fifty-one minutes. The tracks transition into the next one before you manage to notice! Sacrilegious Impalement takes a hold on you and blast their cathcy melodic riffs in such a pace that before you even know it, the album outro is already rolling.

Sacrilegious Impalement - Infinite Victor
Sacrilegious Impalement – Infinite Victor
  1. Reign in Hell
  2. Storming Death
  3. Infinite Conqueror
  4. Coronation of Death
  5. Wolves Cry for a Final Battle
  6. Fury of Struggle and Slaughter
  7. Triumphator
  8. Quelling Sanctuary
  9. Last Calm of Sentient Flame
  10. Winds Howl for Death the Creator
  11. AMSG SI IV

Fourth track Coronation of Death has a fantastic drum sound that I really enjoy. I also have to applaud the guitar sound and overall sound mixing on this album. However this track stand out to the others. It’s heavily melodic and at parts abit black’n rolly. This sounds great, and I love it.

Summerizing Infinite Victor i’ll use a Tsjuder term. “Non compromising black metal” is what Sacrilegious Impalement has to offer. Now they might have a different sound compared to Norwegian masters Tsjuder but the attitude is the same! I write this as fifth track “Wolves Cry for a Final Battle” starts again. The intro consisting of howling wolves and furious barking combined with terrific standout riffs will never grow old on my ears. I believe this track will be a fan-favourite for sure.


Infinite Victor is an album full of highlights and I suggest everyone to listen to its entirety! However multiple of the songs are great as stand-alones aswell.

The eight track “Quelling Sanctuary” is a track that covers most of the fantastic music Sacrilegious Impalement has to offer. The song starts off slower than the others with a high-pitched guitar that buildups. As the guitar fades the drummer takes over the rest of the buildup, until they are both combined and gritty vocals hit simontaniosly. “Quelling Sanctuary” has it all! Fast pace, brutal vocals, dark drums and cold guitars all make this a must listen. This track quickly made its way onto my regular playlist.

Another highlight I would reccomend is the more catchy and upbeat “Wolves Cry for a Final Battle”. The heavily sound-sampled intro with the fast and snarky drums leading the wolves on from howling to growling is genius. The riffs used in here are catchy and quick. The main chorus is upbeat and hooking. I can’t imagine anything else than good fucking atmosphere if this were to be played live.


Sacrilegious Impalement has released a crushing album that is doomed to be blasted for years to come! Packed with crunching drums and dreadful guitars carries the listener through the cold forests of old Finland.

I would recomend this to any fans of Scandinavian originated black metal, and for fans of riffy guitar pieces. I really enjoyed this album and believe if YOU give it a chance, you’ll do too!

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