Middle Earth’s 8 – September ’22 Bandcamp Roundup

This is the first installment of the Middle Earth Bandcamp Wrap. As always, I Bleed Black and I Heart Band Camp. Here are some lesser known (but wholly awesome) albums I added to my collection in September 2022. Hopefully, there are a couple of few albums that you might find to be worth your attention.

1. ORM – Intet • Altet
ORM - Intet • Altet

Danish black metal band ORM released its third album, “Intet • Altet” on 9-30-22. This is a double album with four songs that are about 20 to 25 minutes each for a total run time of 92 minutes. I would call it Atmospheric Black Metal. The tags on Band Camp are Black, Death, and Progressive Metal.

For me, not much Progressive, but whatever. The Band States: “Each of the four compositions centers around a distinct life stage: the fiery youth, the burdened adult, the ascetic hermit, and finally the ascension into the next realm. The lyrics are inspired by the psalms and legends that mark the passage between the life stages, and ultimately the inevitable passage from life to death.” I like long songs as a general matter, and these are just that.

2. Blacnk – Off World
Blacnk - Off World (from Bandcamp)

Blacnk released his “Off World” album on September 23, 2022. All “Music, Words, Vocals, Instruments, Production, Art – Blacnk.” Not really much Band Camp support to date, but I really like this one. Self-described as “Psychedelic Black Metal” it could also fall under Raw Black Metal. Six tracks, +/- 5 minutes for about a 30-minute run-time of Australian Psychedelic Black Metal.

I like what Blacnk is up to here. It does have a psychedelic vibe. Probably my second favorite album of the month.

3. Cineastre / Kampfeswut / Schattenfestung – Horcht wie Wintergeister raunen

“Horcht wie Wintergeister raunen” by Cineastre / Kampfeswut / Schattenfestung released 9-23-22.

A rather unique three-way split of sorts by the same artist from three of his projects which are called “ouputs” here, which is a funny way to put it. I like that, outputs. According to the release, “A split between the three forces united by Wintergeist. It features new songs from each of his outputs: Cineastre (Romantic Black Metal), Kampfeswut (Teutonic Folk Black Metal), and Schattenfestung (Melodic / Ambient Black Metal). Every song will be released on an independent album or EP in the future.”

4. Nither – Cast in Dark Grandeur

Nither – “Cast in Dark Grandeur” released 9-16-22. Some U.S. Lycanthropic metal on this debut album by the trio of Ekimmu Bass, Vlkoslak Drums and Hätsk Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards. This is fiery Raw Black Metal that has got the Lycanthropic vibe and since I have added a few albums to my Vampiric collection, it is about time for some werewolf music. 6 songs ranging from 5 to 8 plus minutes for about a 35-minute run time.

5. LIVE BURIAL – Curse of the Forlorn (Death Metal)

LIVE BURIAL – “Curse of the Forlorn” released 9-28-22. Some U.K. Death Metal on their latest full-length album with 7 songs and a 47-minute run time. Some really crushing guitars at mostly a mid-pace, but they do crank it up the speed at times. They put out their Demo in 2013 and lost no time with an EP in 2014. And, now their third full length. The production is excellent to my ears. This is evolved a bit from their straight-up OG Death Metal beginnings, but is still super solid Death Metal.

6. Crust – Wanderers

Crust – “Wanderers” released 9-16-22. A very productive Russian band releasing 5 EPs and 5 full-length albums since 2015 which includes one live full length. They are genre bending and state that they do not adhere to musical boundaries. They call it “Blackened Doom Sludge.” Band Camp has 14 tags for this album, which has 8 tracks and clocks in at about 40 minutes in length.

The band states that Wanderers is about: “When we step into life, for many of us, it seems to be an endless desert. Never are the roads seen but drifting sands that look alike, regardless of what direction you look. Lost souls get trapped in themselves in the depths of their hell, there are no rules, a pure hell is open, No one can escape this doom. It is always not enough for them what they have. Greed is the scourge of our time. They live like machines until death comes for them. Death is the only spoil.” Probably my favorite album of the month.

7. EMPYREAN VESSEL – With Ashen Hearts at the Sign of Dawn

EMPYREAN VESSEL – “With Ashen Hearts at the Sign of Danmj wnby” released 9-6-22. This is a Demo by a newcomer known as “M” (who plays/does “Everything” seemingly). The only notes on the album are “Demo MMXXII. Rejoice in the world yet to come.” We get three songs cleverly titled 1. I 06:50, 2. II 07:28 and 3. III 08:17.” Band Camp Tags: black metal, metal, atmospheric black metal, United States.

My comments on Band Camp will suffice here: Labeled as “Demo MMXXII” this is excellent “2022” Black Metal. Looking forward to more. Especially like the fact that the lyrics are provided.

8. Praise the Sun – The Proffer of Life

Praise the Sun – “The Proffer of Life” released 9-10-22. Not entirely new, but has new songs. Specifically, “The Proffer of Light is a combination of Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore led by female growls and clean vocals. A lot of guitar melodies mixed with heavy riffs makes a unique climate conquered by rhythm section of bass and drums. This album contains already released songs of Praise the Sun in remastered version and of course some of new stuff, which had not seen the light of the sun before.” 11 tracks with a 44-minute run time.

Again, I will resort to my comments from Band Camp: Polish Melodic Death Metal. As stated by the Band, “We are here to show you our style of Metal.” Female fronted, generally a plus for me, and it works here. Some clean vocals. Absolutely worth checking out. Favorite track: Alive. Very Picky about mixing in clean singing, and this works, as stated.

Cut the string and let it fly, see you next month with the October releases that make the wrap.

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