The BMP Discord Artists Playlist

Some of our BMP discord mods and members had the brilliant idea of making a playlist consisting of some bands and projects that are active members of our community. So far, this has resulted in a varied list with more than 40 unique bands. Some are in the early stages of their music-making endeavors, and some are well-known names within our blackened corner of the musical internet.

Among more established acts like Bizarrekult, Walg, Saor, Condra & Black Altar you’ll find music by up-and-coming acts like Knochen, Cyanotoxin & Grohot to mention a few.

Please check it out if you want a taste of what’s cooking on our discord channel, and please join us, be it you’re an artist or a music lover, everyone’s welcome. There are plenty more artists that are more than worthy of being on this list, but they are simply not available on Spotify or Tidal at the moment. Please let us know in the comments below if you would like us to make playlists for Bandcamp and YouTube.

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