The BMP Discord Monthly Playlist – Continental Showdown: Asian VS South American Black Metal

Looking for some new Black Metal to listen to this March? Look no further than these two Spotify playlists, generated by our Black Metal Promotion Discord members, featuring Asian Black Metal and South American Black Metal.

The Asian Black Metal playlist features some of the most interesting and innovative Black Metal bands from across the continent. From Japan’s Sigh, who blend Black Metal with psychedelic rock and avant-garde influences, to China’s Zuriaake, who combine atmospheric Black Metal with traditional Chinese music, this playlist showcases the diverse sounds of Asian Black Metal.

South American Black Metal band

The South American Black Metal playlist highlights the unique and varied Black Metal scene in South America. Featuring bands from countries like Brazil, Chile, and Colombia, this playlist includes everything from the raw and aggressive sound of Sarcofago to the atmospheric and melodic sound of Autrest.

Whether you’re a die-hard Black Metal fan or just looking to explore some new sounds, these two playlists offer a great introduction to the diverse and exciting world of Asian and South American Black Metal. So fire up Spotify, put on your headphones, and let the darkness consume you.

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