The BMP Discord Monthly Playlist – Space Theme

In our discord we are open for suggestions as far as songs goes but also what the theme for next month’s playlist should be. After a full out riot amongst our members and mods, we ended up with the theme for the month of February to be: Space.

So, what constitutes as a space themed song, you may ask? Well, it will mainly be that the overall theme of the song is about life outside our sun pested sphere and more about life out there in the cold dark void. The list is open for additions all through the month of February and so far, it contains bands like The Kovenantt, Omega Infinity, Oranssi Pazuzu and Blaut Aus Nord.

Please don’t hesitate to check it out through the links below, and you’re more than welcome to join the discussion on our discord. What could be a great idea for a theme for our next playlist, and what artists and songs are missing from this current one? The possibilities are limitless, as long as it’s black metal…
But I guess you didn’t go here looking for the latest Taylor Swift album…

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