Tilintetgjort – In Death I Shall Arise


The band members of Tilintetgjort
The band members of Tilintetgjort

Tilintetgjort, a Norwegian avant-garde black metal band, has released their debut album titled “In Death I Shall Arise.” The band, consisting of five members, was formed during the first pandemic summer of Covid-19 in 2020. Tilintetgjort has connections to several other black metal projects; Den Gamle, Hazzlegard, and Sturt are all members of the black/thrash band Whip, while vocalist Svik and drummer Tybalt are members of the black metal band Den Saakaldte.

The band has already released three singles and a demo before this album. Finally, on the last day of March, the highly anticipated album was released on both CD and vinyl by Dark Essence Records. The album is known for evoking feelings and visions of horror, madness, and dread. After listening to the album, I can confirm that these emotions are indeed present. Here is my review.

In Death I Shall Arise

The album consists of six songs, with a total runtime of 46 minutes. The songs’ playtime ranges from 5 to 6 minutes, except for the final track “Dommedagsmonument,” which clocks in at 21 minutes. Despite its length, I was surprised by how quickly the track passed by while keeping me engrossed for its entire duration!

  1. Kvikksølvdrømmer
  2. Sannhetens Søyler
  3. Mercurial
  4. Vinter og Høst
  5. Hex
  6. Dommedagsmonument

The album’s opening track begins with static noise before a catchy guitar riff sets in. From the first note, the pace is fast, and I can’t help but tap my leg to the melody. Svik’s vocals kick in around the two-minute mark, and I sence a strong influence by Vicotnick in Dold Vorde Ens Navn with this vocal style. The second track features beautiful drumming and chilling guitars, showcasing the band’s ability to play well together and complement each other’s skills.

The album’s sound is consistently clean throughout. The mix is well-balanced, with transitions, backing vocals, and sound samples blending seamlessly with the instruments and vocals. As a listener, I appreciate this attention to detail in the music. Although all the songs have similarities, each one has its own unique qualities, making this a solid album.


To truly appreciate “In Death I Shall Arise,” I recommend listening to the album in its entirety. It’s the type of album meant to be experienced in a music room while enjoying a beer. However, if I had to pick one song to showcase the album’s magnificence, it would be “Vinter og Høst.” This track features strong vocals that alternate between clear and harsh, a backing choir, and a disturbing outro containing screams reminiscent of insane asylums from cinema movies.

Tilintetgjort does an excellent job of keeping the listener entertained throughout the album. The songs evoke different feelings of unease, being chased, and horror. I was initially concerned that I would lose interest during the final track’s 21-minute runtime. However, I found myself captivated by the song’s complexity, including its medieval-sounding choir, howling guitars, slower and calming melodic parts, and overall drive. This track pulls me into an imaginary state of mind and keeps me engaged.

Overall, I highly recommend listening to “Vinter og Høst” and the entire album as a whole to get a sense of Tilintetgjort’s unique sound.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Tilintetgjort’s strong debut album. The balance of instruments, sound samples, and vocals are all well-complemented and memorable. It’s evident that this is a professional band that plays metal with ease.

I believe that “In Death I Shall Arise” has something to offer to every black metal fan, particularly those who enjoy more complex and daring music. Tilintetgjort has succeeded in creating a unique sound that sets them apart from other black metal bands, and I eagerly await their future releases.

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