Review: Trinitas – Total Heresy

After releasing an EP of the same name via War Anthem Records in 2019, Trinitas are now around the corner with their first full-length Total Heresy, released by Van Records.

Trinitas - Total Heresy

The new album contains 9 songs with the following titles:

  1. Tomb of the Misanthrope
  2. Pyroclastic Crucifixion
  3. Trinitas, by the Unholy Sign of the Three
  4. Supernova Lucifer
  5. Rite of the Necromancer
  6. Dust and Shadows
  7. A Hail to the Realm of Cernunnos
  8. Total Heresy
  9. Morgwyn, Burn in the Night

The band can actually be described as a black metal super group. The main songwriter and musical mastermind Marcus E. Norman aka Vargher is known from Naglfar, Ancient Wisdom and Bewitched. Vocalist is Matthias Jell aka Azathoth, former Dark Fortress singer and mastermind behind the band Gràb and the drummer is the German Stefan Hüskens aka Tormentor known from bands like Asphyx and Carnal Ghoul. So, already the line-up heralds good conditions to create a true black metal highlight.

Already the first song, Tomb of the Misanthrope, is completely in your face and shows what to expect from the album. No mosh, No core, No trends, No fun. It almost feels like you’re back in the 90s, when black metal was still something special and had its secrets and mysteries. Trinitas simply do many things right here. They don’t try to reinvent black metal, but try to create an atmosphere that should bring tears of joy to the eyes of every fan of the genre. It’s just true black metal. If you don’t get along with it or if you prefer more current black metal bands like MGLA or Garea, you shouldn’t read any further because you might be disappointed. But on the other hand you might be surprised by it, this gem is recommended to everyone, as each song is a highlight in itself so, give them a try.

The third Song Trinitas, by the Unholy Sign of the Three, is a vocal masterpiece by Azathoth. He manages to express the atmosphere of the song with his screams and hisses. In general, he shows throughout the album that he is one of the best and, above all, most variable shouters in black metal.

Supernova Lucifer is a mid-tempo banger that appears groovy and sometimes even a little sluggishly doomed. This one certainly would be a real banger live.

Rite of the Necromancer offers a hypnotic riff with fast and aggressive parts, and has a bit of a black metal punk vibe like old Darkthrone.

Dust and shadows is also rather groovy and kept in mid-tempo. The guitar work here is very melodic, yet straight. In addition, the drumming is remarkable on this track, featuring tasteful double bass parts that round off the song well.

It goes on rather quickly with A Hail to the Realm of Cernunnos, which sounds very Swedish, thus more in the direction of the above-mentioned bands like Naglfar or Bewitched.

But my personal highlights are Total Heresy and Morgwyn, Burn in the Night, which offer a perfect conclusion to a great black metal album. On these two songs, Trinitas show all their skills again, ranging from fast parts over the good Swedish black metal work to slow doom parts which are perfected by strong vocals.

So, all in all, a forceful black metal album which should definitely be checked out, and you can do so by listening to the full album below or on the BMP YouTube channel itself.

BMZ Score: 7,5 / 10

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