Yfel 1710 – Zlatują się Ćmy

I finally got around to checking out Yfel 1710’s second album released back in November (still working on my backlog). This album (released by Pagan Records) is my first introduction to the band so I was going in fresh and I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised despite me not speaking the language (Polish). Seeing my backlog keeps growing I will be keeping this (and future  reviews) short and sweet.

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The moment I clicked on play I got blasted by a wall of aggressive black metal. No intro, just straight blasting influenced by Marduk. Great start! Another first impression is the mix. All instruments have their rightful place in the mix. The album sounds solid, raw, harsh and hell, I feel like I am covered in abrasions after giving this record a spin!

Zlatują się Ćmy is an album with great variaty in songwriting. From ice cold blast fueled hymns to slow pagan-esque waltzes. They definitely kept me invested while listening to the album in one go. A solid achievement seeing its 10 track album ticks in around 49 minutes..

The only thing I am missing on this album is more reverb/space on the slower songs (like ‘Zlatują się Ćmy’ for instance). These songs are written in a way to get you in a trance (assumption) which is not really happening due to the dry mix. I bet these songs will shine while being performed live seeing the songwriting is definitely not the issue!

Conclusion: Yfel 1710’s second album is rock solid. Great songwriting and variety and makes me look forward to their next album. Happy to have discovered this band!

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