Digging Deeper: Norway Pt.2

In this series we take a look at some bands that necessarily do not get as much attention as they deserve. It will be based on particular countries, sub-genres or scenes.

Norway seems to be a bottomless pit of awesome, lesser known bands so this is our second dig deep down into the Norwegian soil.


Featuring former and present members of Norwegian death metal act Blood Red Throne, these guys certainly have their pedigree within the Norwegian metal scene. Their black metal is delivered with a strong sense of the traditional Norwegian sound but with a modern punch to the overall production.

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Support Valdaudr here: https://soulsellerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/drapsdalen


Sideproject by the two founding members of Ulvhedner, with Arild being the main composer. This is a less melodic and folky take on black metal than their main band. Think Viking-inspired Darkthrone.

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Support Blodørn here: https://www.facebook.com/BlodornNO


Old school blasphemic Norwegian black metal. The band recently re-surfaced and we are eagerly awaiting their new material.

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Support Infernal here: https://infernal-norway.bandcamp.com/album/eternal-disharmony


Black is the new black. This project by some of Stavanger’s most prolific metal musicians is exactly what our scene needs to stay alive. Take no prisoners, accept no bullshit, straight for the jugular black metal. Listen at your own risk.

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Support Todesking here: https://todesking.bandcamp.com/album/todesking


Melodic, heavy metal influenced Norwegian BM. This is awesome songwriting combined with excellent musicianship. Make sure to catch them live if you have the chance!

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Support Avertia here: https://avertia.bandcamp.com/

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