The Beginning

Black Metal Zine is a small but growing black metal web zine. We focus on reviews and interviews within the BM scene. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new band or a veteran in the genre. We try to cover them all.

This website is made by members of the BMP discord community, we first ran with the same name as the YouTube channel, but after a few months we decided to pick a different name to keep those things separated; hence Black Metal Zine was born.

The YouTube channel Black Metal Promotion started in the year 2015, the primary goal of the channel was and is to give black metal bands a platform to share their creations with a larger audience. So, we started uploading albums with the permission of bands and record labels to help bands spread the word about their new album or EP. As the years went by, the channel grew larger and larger and currently has over 360,000 members on YouTube.

So, in short, we are partnered with Black Metal Promotion, but the YouTube channel is its own entity we are not the owner.

The BMZ Team

Kermit the Destroyer; the owner and creator of the website. He has been listening to black metal for 30 years now and his love for it is ever so strong. Writes reviews, tinkers on the website while listening to black metal.

Boenna; editor, sometimes reviewer and interviewer. Vocalist in Ulvhedner. Give me black coffee and blacker riffs and I’m all smiles.

Crown of Rebellion; In depth interviews and reviews.

KingGorthaur; A young and passionate black metal lover, particularly fond of groovy riffs and fast pace. An eager festival and concert-goer that writes reviews and takes photographs for the website.

MyrkAlv; Up and coming music journalist.

Lxv; Musician and music reviewer.

Talvipaivanseisaus; Representing Finland with in depth reviews.

MayaMetal; Up and coming music reviewer.

Toashen; Another up and coming reviewer.

…and many more that have been active in making this a true voice for the black metal underground.

Note: We all have our personal Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, threads, you name it. Opinions posted by individual members on their accounts are their own and are not the opinions of BMZ and BMP.


We use a rating system. Below you will find an explanation about the grades and what a grade tells you about the album. But remember that these ratings are subjective and can vary depending on personal taste and preferences. The ratings given to an album are the interpretation of the author and doesn’t mean that every staff member thinks the same way about the album.

1 – Terrible: The album is poorly executed and lacks any redeeming qualities. It may be unlistenable or completely unengaging.

2 – Very Bad: The album has significant flaws and fails to deliver on its potential. It may contain weak songwriting, subpar production, or unimpressive performances.

3 – Bad: The album has noticeable issues that hinder its overall quality. It may have some decent elements but falls short in terms of consistency or cohesiveness.

4 – Below Average: The album has some redeeming qualities, but overall, it fails to leave a lasting impression. It may have a few standout tracks but lacks innovation or originality.

5 – Average: The album is neither exceptional nor terrible. It may have a mix of good and mediocre tracks, but it doesn’t stand out in any significant way.

6 – Above Average: The album has some standout moments and demonstrates competence in its execution. It may have a few memorable tracks or showcase some unique elements.

7 – Good: The album is enjoyable and well-crafted. It demonstrates strong songwriting, production, or performances, and has a cohesive sound. It offers a satisfying listening experience.

8 – Very Good: The album is highly impressive and stands out from the crowd. It exhibits exceptional qualities, such as innovative approaches, compelling lyrics, or outstanding musicianship.

9 – Excellent: The album is a standout release and showcases exceptional talent and creativity. It leaves a lasting impact and is likely to be remembered as a significant contribution to its genre.

10 – Masterpiece: The album is a timeless masterpiece that sets new standards within its genre. It demonstrates unparalleled creativity, innovation, and flawless execution. It is considered a classic and highly influential work.

Each review will get a scoring and a visual to guide the final grade. The visual guide;

A review with a grade of 7 would get 7 burning churches. Before you get your panties in a bunch, we do not condone the real life burning of churches. It is all in good fun.

BMP Video Premieres

New videos will be premiered daily on BMP’s YouTube channel (when available, of course) at 15:00 CET and 18:30 CET. The videos that are premiered are cataloged in playlists, which are also featured on this website. You can find those by clicking on the links below.


Social presence

To spread the word, we also use several social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and since 2022 we also have this website.