Digging Deeper: The Netherlands, Pt.1

The black metal scene in the Netherlands isn’t as well known as its Scandinavian counterparts, but there are many bands or albums that are waiting to be discovered or rediscovered for that matter. This series of articles looks at different Dutch black metal bands and the albums of said bands which should have been more recognized as hidden gems.

Sauron — Universe of Filth

Sauron, a Dutch black metal band from Tilburg, has released one of my favorite black metal albums, its name? Universe of Filth. And if you check today’s news, not much has changed since this album was released in 2003. There is no full album version on YouTube, but there is a playlist here.

Zeegang — De poëzie van vallende sneeuw

Utrecht-based black metal band Zeegang released De Poëzie van Vallende Sneeuw (The Poetry of Falling Snow) in 2021. This album is raw and atmospheric, and staring at the album artwork makes you feel lost. A very nice album!

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Codex Mortis — What Befalls of Tainted Souls

Hailing from Amersfoort, also known as de Keistad (or Rock City if you will) comes Codex Mortis a black/death metal band. Their first album, What Befalls of Tainted Souls is a very pleasant blend of those styles, and it slaps from the beginning until the end. A second album, Tales of Woe, was released on May 24th, 2024

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Grafjammer — Schalm & schabauw

Grafjammer released this album in 2018, and it’s a mix of black metal with a hint of black ‘n roll. The lyrics are all in Dutch, but the themes are mostly about the maritime past of The Netherlands and Dutch folklore.

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Zwart – Heem

Zwart released their debut album in 2022, the style of the album is raw, and dissonant. If you like that kind of style of black metal, go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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Should we keep digging?

This concludes the first part of Digging Deeper: The Netherlands.

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