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Fragments Of Apocalypse - Cover

An Exile of the Night

On the 5th of August from 2022, Exilium Noctis released their debut album titled Fragments of Apocalypse. We have the festive stuff behind us, but we are still enduring the winter times (at least for those in the Northern Hemisphere). And this album suits that atmosphere perfectly.

The band released 3 singles before releasing their debut album, but I have to admit I was not familiar with the band. The band itself hails from Greece and for me, that is a considerable plus. Bands like Varathon, Rotting Christ, Necromantia are among my favourite bands.

The Album

As mentioned, the album itself is their Debut album and released through Sleazy Rider Records. More info will be mentioned below the review. But the album cover self is worth a mention. It sets an atmosphere that I like.

The album contains 7 songs with a playtime of 42 minutes. The tracks are:

  • Desecrators
  • Night Witches (Die Nachthexen)
  • The Coming of Abaddon
  • Celestial Onslaught
  • Crucify the Rats of Church
  • Devouring the Carcass ov God
  • Wrath Eternal

The first track of the album starts off with a nice and quiet opening. It sets a pleasant atmosphere, and it gives a feeling (for me at least) that it builds up to something grand. The piano section is simple but effective in achieving that feeling. After 1 minute and a bit, the track opens up with drums that sound fast and on pace. But what I really like about this band are the vocals, they are harsh and fierce.

Night Witches (Die Nachthexen)

They gave their lives for love
They pay back the pain
They turn the grief to hate
They looked into the eyes of death

The second song sets in with a heavy bass and the chanting lays down a nice thick atmosphere. After a minute, the gates of Hell are opened and the drums start to fire off like machine guns. I love the vocals of this track, and they are excellent on the other tracks as well.

Crucify the Rats of Church

The title of the track says enough for me. The song is heavy with pummelling drums and the like said before, the vocals are perfect. I love the riffs and of this song and the lyrics. The lyrics of the song match the title of the song perfectly.

Crucify the rats of church
Nail theirs limbs upon the cross
Break their legs and rip their arms
Drown their souls into despair


I really liked the album, it’s not the best black metal out there, but it suits me perfectly. The vocals are wonderful, there are a lot of pummelling drums, just the way I like it. But, like all albums, give this album a spin and form your own opinion.

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Buy the album: Fragments of Apocalypse | Exilium Noctis (bandcamp.com)


Music by Alpha & Omega
Lyrics by Omega
Produced, Mixed by Spyros Charmanis (S recordings studios, Volos, Greece)
Programming & Mastering by Achilleas C. (Suncord Audiolab, Ioannina, Greece)
Arrangements by Exilium Noctis
Featuring Guest Vocals on “Wrath Eternal” by Jens Rydén (Thyrfing, ex-Naglfar, Profundi, Dead Silent Slumber)