Interview: Petit Nuage Noir

Polish black metal outfit Petit Nuage Noir released their second album not long ago, we had the opportunity to ask Aahros some questions about the new album, their creative process and more. So let’s dive in.

– Firstly, thank you for the opportunity for this interview. Can you tell me something about the band and its members?

Our group is international. It was formed by two people: Aahros and Gypsy. Before the formation of the group, we knew each other for some time. The band members also play in other Black Metal line-ups, (Flammae, Coldrope).

Ideologically and musically, we completely share each other’s views. What else is needed for comfortable work in a group?

– You guys released your second album in a short period of time. Can you tell us something about the creative process for writing and making a new album?

Almost a year has passed since the release of the first album. I wouldn’t call the creative process simple because we work with each other remotely. But we keep in contact almost every day. We discuss instrumental parts, lyrics. Communication is important in the creative process. We are friends. Common goals and ideas strongly bind us.

– Let’s elaborate on the name of the band; in French, it means Little Black Cloud. What’s the idea behind the name of the band? It sounds cute. Contrary to the music.

The underlying idea is our cult, which is hidden behind a black veil. This is a sacrament that we are not talking about at this time. Perhaps you will find out about this sometime later.

– Which bands/genres influence your creative process when creating a new album?

We are huge fans of Black Metal. I believe that Black Metal is the most individual genre musically and ideologically. We don’t need to look up to anyone. We make music the way we see it ourselves.

– With the new album released, are there any plans to tour with it? And if so, which bands would you like to take with you on the tour?
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Yes, we would like to tour Europe and America. But at this time there are circumstances that make this impossible. I hope in the future the situation will change, and we will be able to give concerts.
Personally, I love performing with underground bands. Which are not known to the public. It is a great honour for me to be a part of the legacy of Black Metal. I would like to take my Black Metal
bandmates on tour with us.

– Can you tell us and the reader something about the state of the Polish black metal scene? It has produced a lot of great black metal bands as of late. Any ideas why that is?

Black Metal from Poland is very strong and continues to develop. Recently, more and more interesting bands have appeared, including those formed by young people. Perhaps this is due to the availability
of music for listening, the ability to communicate and look for comrades online, or maybe simply because this is the most correct music, and carries a strong ideological note.

– What are some of your favourite black metal bands out of Poland that readers need to check out?

There are plenty of bands from Poland playing Black Metal. And each is fascinating in its own way. We can talk about this for a very long time. I will highlight just a few bands; otherwise the list could take several pages: Black Altar, Hyl, Pleń, Besatt, Dominance, Kalt, Vindur, Sznur, Piołun.

– I’ve been listening to black metal for quite some time now, but I still remember the first few bands I’ve listened to and the feeling it gave me. When did you start to listen to black metal?

I first heard Black Metal more than 25 years ago. For me, it was something incredible. To the point of trembling in the body. I practically never took off my headphones. My parents thought I was going crazy. I was also extremely surprised, and at first, I couldn’t understand how they managed to play like that.

Over time, I became imbued with the mystery of ideology and began to look for a group to join. It took several years before I started playing in bands. I remember there was a time when I played drums all alone. I was sad to realize that I was not playing in a Black Metal
band. But I didn’t give up and continued searching. Currently, I am involved in five Black Metal bands.

– Thank you for your time and for answering the questions. Is there anything you want to add?

Be strong in your beliefs. Don’t lose heart and don’t give up in difficult times. Be true to your principles.



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