Karmøygeddon Metal Festival – 26 great bands confirmed for the 2024 lineup!

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The Norwegian Karmøygeddon Metal Festival has announced their first batch of bands for next year, so far, consisting of 26 acts! The 2024 festival is the 19th edition of Karmøygeddon and will take place in the small but cozy city of Kopervik. Both Norwegian and international acts appear on this year’s festival flyer. So far, the announced bands showcase a great deal of versatility within the metal sub-genres. The lineup consists of acts that range from black metal, death metal, and power metal to traditional metal, and everything in between.

The festival tickets was put up for sale on the 1st of June. VIP tickets with gallery access were sold out within the first sixty seconds of being available. An astonishing 50% of the regular 3-day tickets also sold on the first day of release and that’s before any bands were announced!

After this years 18th edition the Karmøygeddon management asked their Facebook followers what bands they would like to see for 2024. Multiple of the more common suggestions from the comment section has made their way into this first drop of bands. Acts like Gaerea, Tsjuder, In Mourning and Yoth Iria are among these.

Here’s a closer look at some of the black metal heavy hitters like Tsjuder, Kampfar, Mork, Vreid, Gaerea, Yoth Iria, Ulvhedner, Shade Empire and Shaarimoth that will be performing at the festival taking place between the 2-4 of May 2024.

First announcement flyer

A taste of the black metal acts performing!


Kampfar rose from the ashes of Mock, one of the pioneers of the Norwegian second wave of black metal. The band was formed in 1994 in Fredrikstad and has remained active ever since. To date, they have released a total of nine full-length albums, firmly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the scene.

Karmøygeddon announces:

In 2024 KAMPFAR official will play a few selected shows where the 30 year of history will be done in a way the band have never done before. There will be songs that has never been performed live before by the band.
This will be a festival show only for selected festivals in 2024. Karmøygeddon Metal Festival is one of the first in line.
This will happend Saturday 4th May
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Vreid was formed in 2004 by members of legendary Windir. Windir split-up after their founder, main composer and vocalist Valfar died of hypothermia after being caught in a blizzard. Vreid has released nine albums bearing a melodic and groovy black metal style. They quickly became a staple of the Karmøygeddon lineup and 2022’s performance of the Windir album 1184 will forever stay as one of the all time festival high lights.

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Oslo band Tsjuder was formed in 1993. These dedicated black metal musicians play a furious and fast paced 2nd wave style of our beloved genre. The group has previously released five full-length albums and a 6th is due later this month.

Karmøygeddon announces:

The black metal metal band Tsjuder will do a special show at Karmøygeddon Metal Festival 2024 on Saturday 4th May on Gassco stage.
The band will play 50% off the set with their songs and the rest off the show will feature an exclusive Bathory show with special guest Frederick Melander the original bass player from Bathory.
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Shade Empire

Shade Empire is categorized as “Symphonic Industrial Death/Black Metal” and hails from Finland. The band formed in 1999 has five full-length releases and another coming out later this year.

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Portuguese black metal band Gaerea is a relatively new band on the scene, being formed in 2016. These masked men of mystery has released one EP and three full-length albums.

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Mork is a Norwegian one-man black metal band formed in 2004 by Thomas Eriksen. Live he is backed by a strong collection of musicians from his local scene around Halden, including former Ragnarok drummer Malignant (also of solo project Dauden). Mork has released six full-length albums.

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Yoth Iria

Black metal band Yoth Iria is from stunning Greece. The group was formed in 2019 and consists of five members, two of which have ties to the legends that is hellenic black metal supremecy, Rotting Christ. Yoth Iria has released one EP, one split and one full-length album.

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Shaarimoth is a Norwegian blackened death metal band formed in 2004. Shaarimoth’s three members have ties to death metal band Antarctica and the black metal band Gehenna. Shaarimoth has released two full-lengths and a split.

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These Norwegian mountain farmers lives at the very end of a fjord in a small town called Sauda. Ulvhedner formed in 1993 and conveys the Sognametal variant of the norwegian black metal sound, self described as fjosmetall (barn metal). The band has previously released two demos, two EP’s, one split and two full-length albums.

Fun fact: The Blackmetal Promotion website’s editor is also the vocalist of Ulvhedner.

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