Killing Mondays: Black souls need black coffee.

Monday, we hate it, so grab a coffee and listen to black metal.

All Mondays suck

We all know the feeling; it’s Monday the week just started, and you feel like crap and wish it was the weekend again. It’s a feeling that’s shared all around the world. We get it, and we know that feeling all too well. So to help you all get through Monday, we made a list of 5 releases you should listen to and make the day a bit less dreadful. So grab a cup of the blackest coffee and let’s start.

Hallig / Friisk – Hallig / Friisk

Hallig and Friisk (both hailing from Germany) released a split. Hallig latest album is from 2018, so it’s been a while since they delivered any new material. But here they are together with Friisk who released their debut album in 2021. Both are bands are wonderful and to see them team up only enhances it.

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Gallóglaigh – Realms Unknown

Realms Unknown is Gallóglaigh third album, but the band wasn’t known to me, but after a spin when it premiered I was convinced. The vocals are great, and the instrument work also. It really deserves a listen.

MA: Gallóglaigh – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives (

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Sorathian Dawn – Radiant Terror

Australian black metal band Sorathian Dawn released their second full album after 11 years since their debut album. If you are into melodic black metal, you should give this a try.

MA: Sorathian Dawn – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives (

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Salacious Gods – Oalevluuk

Dutch black metal band Salacious Gods have been around since the end of the 90s. I only know the first 2 albums, but this 4th instalment, which was released 18 years after the third album, is some decent quality black metal.

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Gorgon – The Lady Rides a Black Horse

The Lady Rides a Black Horse is one of my favourite black metal albums of all time. It has everything. It sets a mood with the opening track, the vocals are harsh and relentless and the drums keep going like there is no tomorrow (and that’s just how a Monday feels). So grab a coffee, put on your headphones and give it a spin.

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Your Thoughts and Recommendations?

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