Krsnī – Groza (2022)

Uzbekistan is not exactly a country you would expect black metal from. But then again, black metal was never bound to a nation or one culture, that’s the beauty of this subgenre. The feel is what counts, and this 5-song album ‘Groza’ (Proto-Slavic for “horror”) by Krsnī (Uzbek for “Krishna”) has just that.

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Sound wise, the funding is based upon the Norwegian school (Darkthrone, Burzum and Trelldom spring to mind), but the icy riffs emit a brooding atmosphere, making it an interesting mix. The music is played in mid-tempo, leaving room for the (simple but effective) riffs to breathe. The vocals are a bit more guttural than the shrieking you normally hear. And although the song titles are in English, the lyrics are in Uzbek and deal with Krishna topics, such as the wheel of Samsara.

All in all, a pleasant first acquaintance this is!

Stand out tracks: “Wind”, “Winter” and “Groza”.

Digital Album available here:


Krsnī –



1. Morning Snow
2. Wind
3. Winter
4. Groza
5. Forest Twilight