Kryptamok – Kataklysmi (2022)

Finnish black metal act ‘Kryptamok’ led by Hex Inferi, recently released its second full length titled ‘Kataklysmi’ under Purity Through Fire. Following their debut album ‘Verisaarna’ which was unleashed two years ago, Hex Inferi and Beleth (drums) managed to deliver another solid record!

First off the sound. Agressions is key here! Both the mix as well as the music itself has an aggressive sound. All the instruments are distinguishable within the mix, something that’s hard to do with all this aggression, well done. It goes to say that the Suomi language sounds harsh and brutal on its own. A match made in hell 🙂

After a windy and ominous intro, the album kicks off with good old blast beats and an ass kicking riff. ‘Hävityksen ensimmäinen askel’ really sets the tone for the album, no nonsense black metal! The third song opens with a single guitar chord and makes you appreciate the cold guitar tone, brrrr… This song might actually be my favorite due to the sound, melodies, and atmosphere.

Hex Inferi

The fourth track (‘Eläköön sota ihmisten kesken’) got me in a trance due to both the pace of the song and the little synth melody, a great addition! Following this trance, we get into, already, the next track ‘Saatanallinen hävitystaistelu’ (jeez why does Finnish use so many letters?! :P). This song is simply another banger with a great flow. A special shout out to the organ at the end of the song, great touch!

The sixth track ‘Helvetin esitaistelija’ felt a little weak compared to the previous tracks. The intro didn’t click for me as well as the melody. Luckily, the power of the following track (‘Laulakaa tulesta, laulakaa liekeistä’) punched me right in the face and got me interested again. On the eight track (‘Outo kuningas’) we hear a little experimentation with a short folk melody in its opening riff, something I enjoy and personally wouldn’t mind hearing more often. 

Overall a solid record, nothing groundbreaking just straight to the point black metal with some experiments here and there. Solid!


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