Vault Review: Cult Of Eibon – Black Flame Dominion


Cult Of Eibon – Black Flame Dominion

Origin: Athens, Greece 🇬🇷
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Since the early days of genre development, it’s been the Greeks who have proven to be the entirety of the international black metal scene’s most artful purveyors of the craft. From the fabled days of Rotting Christ’s early demos all the way through to today, for bands like Kawir and Cult of Eibon, culture and romance have stood paramount over Devil worship and misanthropy. The Greeks are the first, in my opinion, to truly unlock the artistic potential of what was, until the inception of their proud scene, a somewhat crude movement. Now, we find ourselves somewhere between the Renaissance and the total commercialization of black metal. The former a celebration of genre trueness that takes place mainly underground, and the latter a double-edged abomination on the surface that has on one hand made black metal accessible to the masses while on the other made a mockery of what the early days stood for. The aforementioned Cult of Eibon, hailing from Athens, Greece, have, since 2016, made it their modus operandi to refresh everyone’s memories as to how it all started in Hellada.

Black Flame Dominion

For Cult of Eibon, there’s no shame in their game: the total and complete relishing in those days of old when “His Majesty At the Swamp”, “The Black Arts / Everlasting Sins” and “Thy Mighty Contract” were released. Everything from the guitar tone to the tempo of the music, an homage to those seminal records and the legendary bands who created them. It’s become a throwback-dominated genre, which is only natural, as black metal is driven in large part by genuine artists who understand the importance of remembering where it all came from. Cult of Eibon are a duo whose efforts have served Greek BM very well. Their debut EP, “Fullmoon Invocation”, their LP, “Black Flame Dominion” and their recent split with Ceremonial Torture, “Necronomical Mirror Divination”, all done the olde Hellenic way with all proper classicism and romanticism to lead their strident charge through the underground.

“Black Flame Dominion” is Cult’s only full-length to date, and that actually couldn’t be any more black metal. Since the beginning, BM has been all about the creative exploration of different ways to deliver the goods from demos, comps, EP’s, splits and of course LP’s. Naturally, Cult of Eibon are keeping up with this tradition. The previously mentioned “Black Flame Dominion” was released in 2021 via Iron Bonehead Productions.


With “Black Flame Dominion”, Cult of Eibon quite simply break out the crayons and the construction paper for all the mainstream BM enthusiasts who need to know or remember what true Greek black metal should sound like. Not that contemporary Greek bands like Lucifer’s Child aren’t great, but when it comes down to the Necromantia and Thou Art Lord of it all, nobody does it like Cult of Eibon. Every cut on the record, from the classically Greek and ever-dramatic intro, “The Fiery Pillars of Ninazu” to the Rotting Christ-worshipping titular cut all the way through to the epic-in-composition, “Crossing the Stargate of Xitalu” that bridges over to the climactic, “The Mournful Chime of Charon’s Bell”, a celebration of what’s true, historic and musically proper. Not a second’s worth of over-indulgence: no flurrying notes, no ridiculous blast-beats and no pissing contest to see who can kick the fastest paradiddles, only classic riffs and memorable melodies founded by martial percussive techniques that bond it all together under the seal of classic Greek BM. As it was, so too shall it be today thanks to bands like Cult of Eibon who dare not let anyone forget the glory of those first pure days. Let them burn their cathedrals and wage their Unholy War over in Scandinavia. For now, it’s time to experience the epic, the warmth and the magnificent drama of true Helladic black metal.


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