Review: Nobody — Despair Is Where My Thoughts Swim

Band: Nobody
Album: Despair Is Where My Thoughts Swim
Genre: DSBM/Post-Black Metal
Country: USA
Label: End My Life Records
Released: May 17th, 2024


Nobody is a DSBM band consisting of D, U and Void. D is also known as Troll, from the band Sorry… which he and Void were members of; before leaving in 2024. They have already released two EPs in the past, ‘Fading into Obscurity’ being their first material.

Despair Is Where My Thoughts Swim


  1. Life’s Ephemeral Tale
  2. Faces Pass Me in Crowded Rooms
  3. In This Emptiness
  4. Perpetual Torment
  5. Days Drift By
  6. A Silent Prayer
  7. Bleeding a World Undone
  8. The Path of Ashes
  9. Obscurity’s Embrace
  10. In the Quietus of Night
  11. Myspys (Lifelover cover)

The first song, Life’s Ephemeral Tale, starts with some clean guitar and a hi hat groove; with vocals reminiscent of Silencer’s Nattramn. These aren’t for everyone, but personally, I love these types of shrieks. They work perfectly with the riff that plays under the vocal performance and all together sounds insanely well put together. The drumming on this album is superb, switching from violent blast beats into simple drumming taking a backseat role when it needs to. Between the heavy guitars, there are moments in the song where clean guitars come over these riffs, and it sounds remarkable.

Faces Pass Me In Crowded Rooms doesn’t have a clean start, it just goes into a nice depressive riff with a simple groove. The vocals come in sharp, and it switches to another section with a melancholic, almost hopeful sounding riff. Going from the hi hat to the ride, it then places in double kicks before cutting off into a tom-snare beat with a distant guitar. Drums go back to something similar to the start, with a beautiful melody and riff competing for space. Then the blasts come in, and they come in with strength; it’s honestly impressive to drum that fast. 

The third song, In This Emptiness, is similar in beginning to the last song, with a heavier riff, however. Two guitars play, one on lead and the other sort of chugging in a way? Instead of the wails in this song, there are more lower growls. This song also has tom-snare beats where more natural screams are done before the shrieks come back and some heavy guitars play. I would’ve preferred some faster drumming here, but it still sounds fine, and I like the synth(?) that plays afterward, giving the song a great atmosphere. The song wraps around a bit to the same drums from the start and the same riff, building on it and then ending the song.

Perpetual Torment starts similar to the first, with a simple beat and a clean melody, with a sample over it from what I assume to be a movie. A very nice piano is played over this as the vocals and heavy guitars come back; with probably my favourite riff on the album playing. The drums switch between different grooves, going to a simple one, as the guitar switches to a simpler melody and sort of slows down. The song builds up a bit again and then goes to a frantic groove and clean guitar with another sample playing that goes into an excellent riff with some different vocals on it; the piano comes back for the last part of the song and accompanies the guitar really well.

The halfway song of the album, Days Drift By starts with some drums, a clean and heavy guitar both playing different riffs leading to a simple lead and clean vocal. Switching to the clean again and letting the build atmosphere, with the heavy guitar almost taking a back seat. The clean guitar plays over it before going back to the same riff from earlier, having the wailing vocals end the song.

A Silent Prayer fades into a heavy riff building to a clean melody playing over the guitar with the same sort of style as the last song; the clean vocals and the atmosphere being in the forefront, it all works very well. The normal sort of vocal comes in with the guitars getting heavier and playing a creepy melody, getting faster and then slowing in an on-off type way. It switches to a heavier riff and then lets the clean guitar take over with a piano coming in somewhat too; building a good sound, going back to that creepy melody from before; ending the song.

Bleeding a World Undone starts similarly to the second and third song, with a better riff this time and a mix of lower vocals and high-pitched screams. This riff sounds more akin to a basic black metal guitar(?) but works really well; going into a different melody with the drumming getting faster and going more into the same sort of style that the rest of the album has. More melancholic melodies and more vocals, switching with like the other instruments are between two different sections. Another movie sample plays before the starting riff comes back to end the song.

Song eight, The Path Of Ashes, starts with an odd distorted melody similar to the melody from A Silent Prayer with the same sort of clean vocal style. The drumming slows down, and a piano plays before a rock-ish lead guitar plays, switching to a more normal lead with synths over it and the grooves getting faster and heavier with the guitar. The rock melody plays again, ending the song. 

Obscurity’s Embrace begins with a heavy melody and atmosphere, a piano playing over the guitar before the piano drops out, and a creepier riff plays with the more standard vocals coming in. The vocals switch like the last few songs, with some faster drumming as a lead melody plays before a heavier guitar starts. A really fast groove starts with an S.O.D type riff, unique to this genre and a sick way to end a song.

The last song, In the Quietus of Night starts with a cool riff and simple beat going into a faster groove with vocals coming in and another guitar playing; switching to a slower section, one guitar playing a melody and the other palm muting. The drums get faster before slowing down and letting the guitars play a sick riff, switching to the same sort of drumming from before with another riff with some unique singing type vocals where the blasts come back. The song goes back to the start of the song and builds on it; ending the album. After this song, there is a Lifelover cover, but since it’s a cover, I’m not going to review it.


Overall, this album is a great release in this style of DSBM that bands like Nobody and Sorry… have paved. An 8.5 would be a reasonable ranking for this, well-rounded and great debut album. You can check it out for yourself by clicking the video below.

BMZ Rating: 8,5

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