Review: Nornír – Skuld


Band: Nornír
Album: S
Freiberg, Saxony, Germany
Genre: Black metal
Northern Silence Productions

Nornír gets their name from the Norns who are godesses from Norse mythology. The album “Skuld” is the name of one of the three Norns, consiting of Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld. In Norse mythology the Norns are responsible for shaping the course of humans destinies by twining the threads of fate.

“Skuld” marks the complete endeavour of Nornír’s three albums, as it’s the follow-up album to the 2019 release of “Verdandi” and its predecessor “Urd” from 2017.

Urdarbrønnen at the root of Yggdrasil might not be the place where the Germans of Nornír resides, but they do a terrific work of transfering us there through their music.

Album: Skuld

Odin’s ravens are chirping in the sky as the intro “Vigr” starts. Old horns of war are heard from a field not so far away as the morning rain begins to drip on the leather coated tent. The thunder rumbles as the warriors have gathered their weapons and are preparing for war. Brave fighters march to defend their families as a beautiful Norwegian poem is sung by Lethian before the final blow is rung in the horns and the battle brakes out.

“Krigsrop” is the track bringing the black metal to us after my imagination of how “Vigr” could look like. “Krigsrop” translates to “Battlecry” from Norwegian. Agression transendce as Lethian’s own battle cry is accompanied by fast gitar riffs and drums. One of my first thoughts are of the resemblance between Lethian’s vocals to those of Onielar out of Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult and Bethlehem. Ice-cold sadness and mournful dispair fills my thoughts as she screams at the 1min 48sec mark before one of the best drum build-ups hammers me into energetic headbanging.

“Skuld” is fast-paced and explosive in its delivery. The instruments show little to no mercy, and the vocals are some of my favourites. The long frying screams sends chills down my spine. The clean vocals and tribal sections are a beautiful contrast and a brake to the relentless fury Nornír sends my way. Alot of the lyrics are sung in Norwegian and they sound very nice with Lethian’s accent. The tracks “Vigr”, “Helvegen”, “Galdr”, and “Valr” really entwines the Norse feeling to the entire album, I really appreciate this.

Photo: Lense of Sense | Facebook

Nornír left no wool un-spun twining this album together. Standout guitarsolo’s, super drum fils, primal atmosphere and captivating riffs for a solid 45 minutes! The Germans also grant us a wonderful cover of Wardruna’s fan favourite song Helvegen as track number five on this record. It starts off much like the original with traditional instruments and acoustic guitars accompanied by clean vocals before the black metal adaption is interwoven masterfully.

The great adoptation of Helvegen is not all that is impressive about “Skuld”. The mashup of flavours reminiscing Wardruna, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Heilung and Devilgroth makes a powerful brew, the kind you drink and leaves you longing for more.


After listening to the album on Black Metal Promotion, I listened to it again straight away. That’s roughly 24 hours ago and I’ve spun the record 6 times more after that. The “Skuld” T-Shirt along with the last copy of the x222 clear red/black splattered vinyl has been ordered. Now I can only hope the Norns twine their threads of fate in my favour and sends Nornír on a longship towards Norway so I can experience this band live!

BMZ Rating: 10/10

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