Wampyric Rites – The Wolves Howl to the Moon

If one’s conscience were to intertwine itself and submerge its essence into the Stygian void, to be not the voyager that observes but to surrender completely. Morphing into a conduit becoming the tongue that creates from the pinnacle of chaos, I believe it would be discovered within ‘The Wolves Howl to the Moon’ by Wampyric Rites.

In summary, it becomes an entity that transcends hollow musical notes. Instead, the energies that are evoked fashions a world that feels ever-changing in its aura yet connected to the listener, as though it is an exposed nerve where you share in its Orphic flow of its unbridled force.

The beauty which graces this album can be discovered in its architecture, for the foundation that is composed of its primordial tones drinks forth from the roots that are embedded within the soil of Raw Black Metal.

However, Wampyric Rites doesn’t just drape its atmosphere with the skin of the genre, instead it calls upon its serpentine spirit. To connote a ritual so engaging to the senses, it exudes the feeling as though you can trace the raw wounds upon opened flesh, delineating the depth of emotions from which the ichor runs forth.

The Tracks on Wampyric Rites

Tracks such as ‘Rites under a full moon’ and ‘Captive in a desolate castle’ exhibit a raw-like state to its musical soundscape. For the structure of the riffs and percussion dispels a feeling as though one is witnessing the incantation of a spell assume physical form with its serpentine motions.

The very juxtaposition between the extremities becomes the brick and mortar of this world, but the very breath of life that fills this body accentuating the dense energy around. It is due to the production of the instruments, culminating into an experience that imbues the listener with a sensation as though you can feel the tangibility of the note’s resonance as it curls through the atmosphere.

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However, if the musical construct represented the very motion in language that encompasses this album, the vocals would be the wraith that commands these forces to its very will. Like the hands that shape the stone and clay, to take that which is unrefined and impart onto it a fragment of its soul.

The voice that resonates upon ‘The Wolves Howl to The Moon’ brings forth an elemental aura, stripping away any human emotions. In other words, the delivery that the register adopts gives animation to a landscape stricken by blight and famine. For if the soil of the earth could echo its disgust and abhorrence, the voice on this album, the very one that ascends the atmosphere, would be the very speech of the earth.


‘The Wolves Howl to the Moon’ can be viewed from the perspective, whereas crude manner can be used to erect such a magnificent being. For it is like holding the dust of the earthen floor in your palm, and from naught comes forth a creation ineffable in appearance but fused with the most dark spirit. In other words, the stripped down approach to Wampyric Rites’ musical candor works in its favor, for the very delivery of the instrumentals feels more potent yet organic. It is because of these ritualistic moments converging to craft an intimate listening experience is why I would recommend this album.

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