Review: Widertod – Widertod


Achtung… keep an eye on Widertod (Melodic Black Metal) from Germany. Out of nowhere (at least not on my radar) they released their trio track debut EP a little while ago. And oh my, do they have my interest now! Before diving in to the tracks, a quick shoutout to Nikita Kamprad for the outstanding sounding mix of this EP. Great stuff!


The first track of the EP that got me hooked during the first seconds. This instantly started my online research to know more about this band (without much result, unfortunately). The song kicks off with a fantastic death metal sounding opening riff before kicking in blast fueled melodic black metal. Further on in the track we even get treated with some melodic lead guitars, crazy right? Who are these guys!

Let us take a moment to appreciate the banger of an opening riff, shall we? Done? Alright, NEXT!


Brrrr! This track has a more bleak/sad and ice-cold sounding first half (the song is almost 9 minutes long). Great atmosphere, I am starting to feel cold while listening to this song. Great contrast to the opening track!

Halfway in the song, we enter more in a trance of tremolo fueled riffs. Yep, it’s one of those tracks where you forget time around you and are sucked into the atmosphere. A dreamy clean guitar riff leads us to the (fading) end of the track. On to the last one already…


Finally, 1890 opens with a piano playing ominous/almost spooky yet beautiful melodies preparing us for the blast fueled madness that ensues. A madness which quickly comes back to beautiful melodies again in the form of harmonized tremolo leads. Around two thirds into the track, we even dip our toes in Metalcore for a short while when it comes to the guitar playing before heading back to the melodic leads again.

Conclusion: I want more. More songs, more details about who Widertod is… just… More. This EP showcases a great combination of various metal styles with harsh melodic black metal as its common thread, a solid mix and great atmosphere. This is right up my alley and I will be keeping a close watch on these dudes.

BMZ Score: 8,5 / 10

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