Autrest – Follow the Cold Path

About the band

Autrest is a one-man black metal project from Brasil, created by Matheus Vidor, he also created some other bands but only his project Windveil has an album to its name. The album is available in a digital format (FLAC, MP3, WAV etc) on Bandcamp. The band is looking for a label and I hope they will find one because I would love to have this album on tape.

The Album

The album itself contains 7 tracks (the last track is instrumental) and has a runtime just shy of 43 minutes.

The gorgeous album art.
  1. December Dusk
  2. Follow the Cold Path
  3. Watchtower
  4. Time Is a River
  5. Firelight
  6. Pale Night
  7. The Place Where I Belong (Instrumental)

The entire album just has a very nice atmosphere to it, and it feels like you connect with nature itself (and according to the Bandcamp page that should be the goal of the album since they play nature – themed Atmospheric Black Metal

Autrest play nature – themed atmospheric black metal with black gaze and post-black influences. 

Autrest Bandcamp

A breakdown

While I won’t break down every song on the album, I’d like to share some of my favorites. Let’s start with track 4, “Time is a River.” The song opens with a lovely atmospheric intro before the drums kick in about a minute later. A faint chant in the background ties the entire track together.

The vocals are excellent and blend seamlessly with the overall sound of the track. Around the 4.5-minute mark, the sound shifts to an interlude that, like the beginning of the song, creates a captivating atmosphere. I’m particularly drawn to the album’s overall vibe, and “Time is a River” is no exception, even though it clocks in at 9 minutes.

“Firelight” is another standout track that opens with an easy-going vibe, but there’s an added level of aggression in the vocals, drums, and guitars that’s especially evident around the 1 minute 23 second mark. The drums continue to roll throughout the song, evoking the untamed power of nature that’s central to the album’s theme.

The album’s final track, “The Place Where I Belong (Instrumental),” is an instrumental piece that invites the listener to get lost in the music. Listening to it through headphones feels like being transported to a forest, where one can connect with nature and let the mind wander.


This is a stellar debut album in my opinion, I love everything about it and I listen too it quite often. If you are a fan of Atmospheric Black Metal, give this a spin, it’s a must! You can give the album a try by watching the premiere again on the video below this article, Bandcamp or Spotify and as always if you like it, buy it and support the artists!

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