Forgotten… – Whispers Of Existence

A small introduction

Forgotten… a black metal outfit hailing from Greece, released their first EP which bears the title Whispers of Existence. The current line-up for the band is 3 members strong, but the EP itself was made with the help of a number of different session musicians.

The current line-up is on vocals and guitar Georgios Chatziioannidis, who is also a member of Mountain Hermit. Also on guitars and its arrangements is Kostas B. (Apocalyptic Leaders, Thymata) and on bass is Retrofornicator (Ex-Azzaya, Ex- Malade)

The members have the following to say about the EP: “Whispers Of Existence” stands as the inaugural opus of Forgotten…, a black metal entity destined to plunge listeners into the depths of existential contemplation. This EP is a haunting testament to the band’s relentless pursuit of atmospheric darkness, offering a glimpse into the enigmatic realms of the human psyche”

So, with that small introduction done, let’s dive into this EP and see what they brew together for our enjoyment.

Whispers Of Existence

What can you expect when you buy this EP and play it on your favourite stereo? Well, that question has a pretty straightforward answer, a no – nonsense EP with some quality music on it. It may be a bit rough around the edges, for example the mixing of some of the instruments (but that could also be my preference or ears, of course). But for a first EP, it’s a pretty good start.

And a good start it is, straight from the first tune it goes with a furious pace that sounds relentless. Just the way I enjoy my black metal. The vocals sound harsh and fit the song perfectly. The vocals on the rest of the album are a bit less to my liking. That doesn’t say they are bad per se, but it’s just not my preference. The vocals are a mix between death metal and dsbm and that’s simply not for me, but like I said, that’s personal.

Music wise, I dig the album, the drums are great, and the riffs are good. There is a decent pace in the songs and it just keeps on giving. The last track of the album is a tribute to an Edgar Allan Poe poem

The runtime is 23 minutes and contains the following tracks:

  1. Is This the Gift You Call Life
  2. The Illusion of Truth
  3. Bound in Misery
  4. Woods of Torment
  5. Pilgrims of an Unknown Future
  6. A Dream with a Dream (Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe)
Whispers Of Existence

For me, the track that sells this EP is the first track of the album, “Is This the Gift You Call Life”. Like said before, the music starts straight from the start with fast-paced drums, and it’s just the style I like. So if you want to check out this band, give this track a sound, and it should give a good idea of what this band is capable of.

Another highlight of the band / album is the logo, which is made by Aether Vortex Designs. The three nooses represent the three dots behind the band name, and it’s a nice detail.


The first steps are the most important ones, and that also goes for a band, in my opinion. You need to make people like your music to get them to stick around. For me, Forgotten… has done this with Whispers of Existence. I’m really looking forward to what this band brings in the future. This is a diamond in the rough, but a diamond nonetheless.


UKEM Records Website:
Bandcamp (Whispers of Existence): Whispers Of Existence (EP) | Forgotten… (

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