Review: Impalement – The Dawn Of Blackened Death

The new album by Impalement with the title “The Dawn of Blackened Death” will be released on the 27th of October, we were lucky to receive a promo of the new album. So, after several thorough listens, we are ready to share our thoughts about it.

An introduction to Impalement

The band released their first full album in 2020, and it was well received by the press and fans alike. They combine black metal with death metal influences, and they do a good job at it. The band consists of Beliath and Torturer, he is the drummer who takes care of the drums in the Studio. For the live performances, there are session members from Triumph of Death, Nordjevel and others.

Impalement Band Members

In 2022, they toured with Marduk and Vader in the “United Titans Tour” and they will tour this year with Gorgoroth on the “Fear the Eternal Return” tour, which will take place in November/December 2023. That will also be the tour I plan on attending, so I’m going to see the band live in action. I hope it will live up or even match the performance on the albums.

But that’s for then, let’s shift our focus back to the new album;

The Dawn Of Blackened Death

So what can you expect from this new album, after you bought it or loaded it up on your favourite streaming platform? You can expect a 41-minute lasting assault, divided over 7 tracks.

The first track of the album, “The Herd Marches On” encapsulates perfectly what this album is about. Just relentless music that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. For me, that’s the perfect sound to start up the day because it gets the blood pumping, and I’m ready for another day at the office.

As mentioned in the Asagraum review, when I was young and used to judge an album by its cover. If the cover was to my liking and well-made, I had the idea that the music would be good too. So, is this the case with the cover of this Impalement album? The answer to that question would be yes, I would have bought this album in the 90s solely by looking at the album artwork. The artwork made by Carlos “Black Shadow” Aguilar just oozes quality, and it really draws your attention towards the album.

Another track that gives an example of what this new album brings is the third track, “Legio Nihil”, this war themed song really packs a punch. With drums that go off like machine guns and the vocals of Beliath give the impression he’s shouting orders to the troops.

  1. The Herd Marches On
  2. Dawn of Blackened Death
  3. Legio Nihil
  4. The Old Ones
  5. Will to Power
  6. Death to the Gods
  7. Chosen by Tragedy
Impalement - The Dawn of Blackened Death by Carlos “Black Shadow” Aguilar

Other Highlights

“Will of Power”, the 5th track, is another highlight of this album. This is the shortest track out of the 7, but it hits you hard, and it really gets your blood pumping.

The same goes for the track “Death to the Gods”, Beliath vocals sounds like he means business and we as listeners gotta pay attention. All the mentioned tracks encapsulates what Impalement is about. So if you want to get a feeling if this album is for you, give those a try.

Our thoughts

What are our thoughts on “The Dawn of Blackened Death” by Impalement? I can be quite short about that. I really like this album. Likewise, I also liked the first album “The Impalement” and I’m glad to see that they keep this momentum going, and I’m excited to see them live together with Gorgoroth.

So, as a short conclusion? Just give the album a spin, I’m sure you’ll like it.

7,5 of 10



Your thoughts?

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