Karmøygeddon 2024 – Blackened hordes under the blazing Norwegian sun!


We once again returned to the local metal party at Karmøygeddon for the 19th addition of the festival happening every year in May. This time we brought a full team of three Black Metal Zine writers, some where there to document and some more to enjoy the best weekend of the spring.

The locals Boenna (editor) and KingGorthaur (photographer) eagerly await this festival year after year as our kick-off for the festival summer to come. This time we were also graced with the presence of our most recent colleague Kilian, coming all the way from Austria.

With this context we grabbed our gear and put on our bunads, also known as battle vests, and headed off to Kopervik for 3 days of metal and beer!

This years lineup

One of the fine aspects of Karmøygeddon is the huge variety in bands and sub-genres. Other black metal festivals leave me with little breaks for food and activities as I want to catch every band. Karmøygeddon however leaves me room for some shopping and time to devoure some kebabs when for instance a power metal band is playing, hehe. However with bands playing more melodic and uplifting tunes the black metal acts hit even harder when they perform!

Another thing I love about the festival is the atmosphere all around. Everywhere you turn there are people enjoying themselves, smiling, laughing and drinking beer together under the Norwegian blazing sun that the metal gods keeps granting Karmøygeddon.

Metalheads of Karmøygeddon

Speaking of metal gods… Karmøygeddon is full of them. Legends like Grutle Kjellson (Enslaved), Ørjan “Hoest” Stedjeberg (Taake), Anders “Doedsadmiral” Hansen (Nordjevel) and Rune “General Gribbsphiiser” Røstad (Slagmaur) were all seen amongst us mortals on the festival grounds!

With Karmøygeddons motto beeing “A more pleasent Hell” roughly translated from Norwegian, the festival surely applauds the greatness metal music means for alot of us.

KingGorthaur’s Highlights

Ulvhedner: is a band I really enjoy listening to, and it just also happens to be our editor Boenna who is this black metal bands vocalist. Ulvhedner hails from a small town at a end of a fjord and plays wonderful fjosmetall, their take on the sognametall created by Windir. With 25 degrees outside and dressed in old Norwegian knitted jumpers on stage, the band members truly did shine, though be it in sweat… and even before a single note played!

The local band were the lucky winners to open up the first day of the festival. A lot of black hearts turned up for their gig starting at 15:00 Thursday afternoon. Their melodic tunes paying tribute to the Norwegian rural culture translated great in the dim venue and made a memorable opening for Karmøygeddon! PS. I have pictures for proof!

Mork: is another band I’ve been listening to for years but never had the chance of seeing live… until now. With the great privilege as a photographer I got to see this amazing band on the frontline. There’s something with the aesthetics of black and white corpsepaint amidst occult thematics that speaks to me and Mork delivers exactly that.The Norwegians have emerged as a powerhouse in the scene, and their presence on stage exuded it.

Mork also played the small venue and the heat there was wrathful! Still the masses showed up and filled the room with great energy.


Gaerea: is a band that I’ve been listening to once in a while, never really fully indulged but always appreciated. I was intrigued to see them live on the big stage at Karmøygeddon and from the very first moment I was impressed!

The hooded Portuguese band had a fantastic sound in the venue and their stage presence was immersive. The energetic vocalist and his way of engaging the crowd made us all a part of the perfomance. Their masked presence also makes you concentrate your attention and focus only on their antics on stage. I will surely catch them live again on the next chance I get.


Shaarimoth: This was possibly my favourite show of the whole festival. The first sign of them was a blood pool outside the backstage entrance to the RTS venue. With the backstage looking like a murder scene I was very interested in how the rest of the gig would unfold. With incense burning on stage and blood covering artists, the room started to fill with anticipation. A looming bass intro was creeping through the room and set a sence of horror in its walls.

Their presence were no less horrific. With thundering guitars and plummeling drums ripping my soul, the vocalist gazed with frenzy eyes out to the audience… looking for his next victim. Their set was filled with raw emotion and terror that left me hungry for more of Shaarimoth. Their sound technician also helped them achieve the best audio I have ever heard in that venue.

Kilian’s Highlights

Ulvhedner: As my colleague already pointed out, Ulvhedner was also a highlight for myself as Boenna is a friend. It was truly awesome to see them live. What an amazing show they delivered to start of the festival. Standing in the front row and immediately getting greeted by him without having seen each other in person was definitely cool. For the show itself it was pleasure through and through.


Gaerea: I’ve seen them already three times, they never fail to deliver an amazing show. The artistic nearly mannequin like stage presence their lead singer delivers never fails to impress. I can only imagine how they must have felt playing an hour full force completely covered from head to toe in 25 degrees yet delivering an energy loaded set without any sign of exhaustion. Simply amazing.

Tsjuder: A first for myself but what an experience. At first it seemed that their guitar player encountered some slight problems with his microphone but nothing that wasn’t resolved within the next 2 songs. Their first. Tjsuder based set I enjoyed personally a bit more than the Bathory set but simply because (please don’t crucify me) I know more songs from Tsjuder than i know from Bathory. Nonetheless both sets were simply awe inspiring for myself and I hope that I can share the experience for myself with my band to at some point in time playing for an awesome crowd like you can only find at Karmøygeddon.

H.E.A.T: Definetly a drastic style change but what a show. It was like, I can only imagine, Motley Crüe in the 80’s. The audience seemed to know nearly every line and the singer plowed through the songs with such a force that it didn’t even stop him from delivering when he fell off the stage.

“Raise your fucking horns!”

Vreid: What needs to be said about Vreid? Nothing, they continue the legacy of Windir and they do it with style. Definitely a highlight and if you get the change to see them do it, you will not be disapointed.

KingGorthaur certainly seemed to enjoy himself at their set!

Coming to my personal favourit: Stratovarious, they were simply fantastic. Playing every classic from Black Diamond to Hunting High and Low, they had the audience in their tight grip from the first note they played. I always wanted to see them live and it was fantastic to experience them at Karmøy alongside Sonata Arctica. The only thing a bit disappointing was that they didn’t played longer but how is the saying? All good things need to come to an end , even if I would have liked them to continue for at least another hour, it was fantastic to experience their show.



Wrapping up another year of Karmøygeddon feels both nice and sour at the same time. It’s always bittersweet ending such a fine time that we have together with our common friends at Karmøygeddon. The sweet taste comes back when im reminded that it’s just a year until the next time, and for the 2025 addition, Karmøygeddon will celebrate their 20th anniversary.

The first set of bands was published on Friday the 7th June and include black metal bands such as: Rotting Christ, Borknagar, Slagmaur, Hellripper, Helheim, Einherjer, Covenant, Whoredom Rife, Cor Scorpii, Sodomisery, Drakar and Varathron. This is the first drop of 28 bands and we know atleast 10 more is due to be announced, including two more headliners to accompany Rotting Christ.

First bands announced for 2025

Next years ticket sales has gone through the roof, not more than a week after the tickets went for sale, all the 3 day passes are gone. Hope you managed to get your tickets and we will see you there!


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