Median Omega – Insolence


Median Omega is the new kid on the block, and their debut album, Insolence, has just been released. The album is available in digital format on Bandcamp, offering options such as FLAC, WAV, and MP3. However, apart from their Greek origin, not much is known about the band or its members. With Greece being the birthplace of many renowned Black Metal bands, there is a sense of anticipation surrounding this new arrival. Let’s see what Median Omega has to offer with their new album.

The Album

The album contains 5 tracks with a run time of 31 minutes.

  1. Insolence
  2. Nihil
  3. Let the Mortals Sing Our Names
  4. Prime Meridian
  5. The Descendants

In my opinion, the album is quite decent, although I would have preferred if the drums were more prominent in the mix. However, I recognize that this is a matter of personal preference. While the vocals are good, they seem to be muffled and somewhat overshadowed by the other instruments. Overall, I enjoyed the musicality of the album, and one particular track really caught my attention.

Additionally, I must mention the album cover, which is truly wonderful and captures the essence of the music really well.

Favorite Track

My favorite track from the album is “The Descendants.” The song kicks off with a bombastic sound that sets an outstanding atmosphere. The buildup is intense, leading up to a chant before the drums and guitars come in. The lyrics suggest that the song is about a necromancer.

Fiery tongues
dancing under the moon light
`oh My undead hordes
rise, rise from the grave

Lyrics from the song “The Descendants”


Fans of Greek and atmospheric black metal should definitely give this album a listen. Although it might not make my top list of 2023, I enjoyed the album overall, and some parts were particularly great. If you want to check it out, you can click on the YouTube video below, and if you like what you hear, consider purchasing it to support the band!

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Facebook: Median Omega | Facebook