Review: Nattmann – Udaad


Nattmann (which translates to Night Man) emerged from Norway some time ago with their first EP titled “Udaad.” Our editor, Boenna, recommended it to me, so I gave it a spin. The band hails from Norway, and they describe their music as: 

Norwegian black metal inspired by our society, morality and executions from the 1600s throughout the 1800s.

Drawing focus to the disgrace, horror, atrocities and agony in the events that occurred; Nattmann paints a dark musical landscape of human mindset, power, injustice and abuse of power.

Nattman’s Bandcamp page.

The EP

Nattmann - Udaad

The EP is only 9 minutes long, and are spread over 3 tracks

  1. 1687
  2. Nattmann
  3. Stegle og hjul

Sound-wise, the album is full of atmosphere, with one of the highlights being the vocals. The different types of vocals blend seamlessly, and they are largely responsible for the atmospheric vibe that I get from this album. The drums are decent and not too overwhelming.


“1687” starts off slow and feels like an intro to the rest of the EP. The clean vocals/spoken voice is nice, and after a while, the drums start to pick up, preparing us for the next song.

“Nattmann” starts off with blast beats right from the beginning and keeps pummeling throughout (which is the way I like my drums). The vocals and growls are nice and icy, and they suit the music very well. Bonus points for making the lyrics available on Bandcamp. Although I had to use a translator to understand them, I really liked what I read.

Come hell’s flame, press on
Here you will find
A rake’s labor in the dead of night
Until the day’s sun rises

“Stegle og hjul”starts off with a slow pace, some nice drums and guitar riffs, after a bit, the excellent vocals kick in and brings the entire track together. I just love the atmosphere it builds. Somewhere midway in the song it starts to pick up in pace and the blast beats start pummeling away as they should. This entire song just drips atmosphere.


The EP is on the short side, and I really hope the folks from Nattmann are working on a full album as I write this. Based on the EP, they could deliver something very nice. For the fans of Atmospheric Black Metal, give this EP a spin. You won’t regret it.

BMZ Score: 7 / 10

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