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Profeci, a black metal band from Poland, has recently released their third full album, titled “Ubóstwo”. Although I had not heard of the band before, it is not surprising given the vast number of black metal bands that exists. The band, which was formed in 2018, consists of four members, with the bass player being the only member with previous band experience. Despite this, the band has already released two full albums, and it is interesting to see what they have in store for their latest release.


As previously mentioned, “Ubóstwo” is Profeci’s third album, and I discovered the band through the premiere of their latest release on the YouTube channel Black Metal Promotion. After listening to the album several times, I am now ready to share my review.

The album has a runtime of 32 minutes and consists of six tracks. As someone with a short attention span, I find albums between 30 and 40 minutes to be perfect for my listening preferences, as is the case with this album, as noted in some other reviews.


  1. Stare stworzenia
  2. Jaskinie
  3. Jedność wielości
  4. Głód
  5. Bez niej byłbym niczym
  6. Dytyramb

The sound of “Ubóstwo” can be best described as atmospheric with a touch of melancholic vibes. While some mid-tempo parts are present, the album truly shines when the drums kick in and it reaches full speed. What stands out the most to me is the coherence of the album, which has a great sound and atmosphere from the beginning of the first song to the very last.

While the vocals are not my preferred style, they are good and fit perfectly with the album’s overall tone. I particularly enjoyed the intro of the third song, “Jedność wielości”, which starts with what sounds like a folk song (at least to a non-Polish speaker like myself).

Additionally, I must give bonus points to the band for making the lyrics available on Metal Archives and Bandcamp. Although they are in Polish, I used a translator to get a sense of what the lyrics were about and how they matched the overall vibe of the album, and I found that they did.

Machina animata
Of blood, flesh and bone
The heart beats, the skin wraps
And thought claims dignity for itself

Part of “Jedność wielości” translated to English.


There are 2 highlights for me on this album that if you want to get a sense of the album and the band itself, you should give them a listen, we start off with;

Głód” which means hunger in English. This song has it all for me. It starts off slow and builds up and after a while it really gets going with fast drums and with the vocals being a bit harsher than on the other tracks. This is my favorite song on the album, it just oozes quality, And it just keeps going. The mix of the song is also excellent. I’ve checked it on my speakers and my headphones and both sound great. So if you have to check out 1 song, this is it, give it a try!

You devoured yourself
Not to devour us
Like Kronos his children
And like the fate of Oedipus


“Bez niej byłbym niczym” is the fifth track on the album and would translate to “Without her, I’m nothing.” this song is the opposite of the track Głód and starts off quiet with a nice atmosphere too it. It has a very melancholic feel to it, and the translated lyrics confirm that feeling. Just listen to it (preferable with headphones) and just drift away.

Without melancholy
Without it, I would be nothing.


What can I say, it’s a good album with some great highlights, and I recommend Ubóstwo to everyone who likes Black Metal in general, just give them a try? While reviewing this album, I also listened to the other albums and I liked them also, so I’m looking forward to what they will create in the future.

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