Review: Griffon – De Republica


Band: Griffon
Album: De Republica
Country: France
Genre: Atmospheric/Melodic Black Metal
Label: Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions

Release date, album: February 16, 2024

French black metal band Griffon is back with their third full album, “De Republica”. I must admit I’ve heard about the band but wasn’t familiar with their previous albums “Har HaKarmel (2016)” and “Ὸ θεὀς ὸ βασιλεὐς (2020)” so we go in blind and see what Griffon has delivered this time.

De Republica is a concept album about the French Republic and all the benefits and its struggles. In the band’s own words, it comes down to this;

“On one hand, the album is an ode to the Republic, defending the rule of law, egalitarianism and freedom, and on the other, a work sacralizing Revolution as a popular expression of the struggle against despotism and the attainment of freedom.”

An album about history is right up my alley, the only downside is it’s in French, so I had to use a translator to get a bit of feeling what it’s about. The band did include a small English note about each song and which time-period it’s about.

Vive la République

So the album itself contains 6 tracks with a run time of 36 minutes and 51 seconds. Those 6 tracks elaborate on different periods in history that have something to do with a republic. Besides the lyrics, what can you expect when you listen to this album?

This album is full of different layers and there is something new to discover with each track, for example, in the second track, they use sound effects of a roman legion marching (the track is about the Roman Empire, so at least that’s what it sounds like to my ears). This track “The Ides of March” is one of my favorite tracks, and it tells about the assassination of Julius Caesar. This was a decisive turning point in Roman history, ending the Republic and starting a 15 century long period of Monarchy.

The entire album is well put together. The instruments sit nicely in the mix and blend in very well, nothing is muffled, and you can hear every detail, it’s especially nice when listening to the album with headphones on. Another thing that stood out are the orchestrations (which are done by Sinaï, Antoine who are the guitarists of the band). It just feels complete, and it transported me to those periods, this is for example, noticeable in the opening track, L’homme du Tarn; “1914, Jean Jaurès, socialist deputy from Tarn, was the only French deputy to oppose the rise in tension in Europe before the First World War. For this, he was assassinated. He is now an icon of socialism, a true hero of peace.” you hear the sound effects of gun fire in the distant; it creates a great atmosphere, and since the track is about the first world war, it just fits.

Overall, it just feels like an album that’s well put together and a lot of thought and craftsmanship has gone into and it shows. From the drums to the vocals, back to the guitars, it’s just a great package.


This is a great album and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are into Melodic Black Metal with a great atmosphere, this album should be on your radar. It will be released on the 16th of February on all the favorite platforms, but you can listen to the first track by clicking on the video below.

BMZ rating: 8 / 10

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