Review: Necht – The Prophecy of Karnifor

Band: Necht
Album: The Prophecy of Karnifor
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal / Melodic Black Metal
Country: Canada
Label: Independent
Released: 17th of May 2024


Necht is an Atmospheric / Melodic Black Metal Band from Calgary, Canada. The band was founded in 2022 and plays a grimm yet melodic mix of Black Metal. Lyrically Necht focuses on the Cult of the ENKARI, a mythical sometimes described as the first civilization on Earth and their everlasting battle in the name of their god B’ahn. The cult is based on the controversial discoveries made by the German explorer Karl von Mecklenburg.

The Prophecy of Karnifor


  1. Visions of Qa’ar
  2. Within Her Jaws Dwells the Dark Promise of Our Death
  3. Stirred by Shadow, I Did Wake
  4. To Me, the Obelisk Calls
  5. Into Bondage Born
  6. By the Fires of Ascension Shall I Reach the Sky
  7. By Blood and Bone Do We Bind
  8. Blackened Loom the Walls of Ishpan
  9. For Violence was Wrought Upon Me

The First track Visions of Qa’ar is a fantastic scythe and choir ridden instrumental that could have been recorded at a ceremony of said Cult of Enkari. It’s a short and good introduction of what is to be expected of the album.

Within Her Jaws Dwells the Dark Promise of Our Death kicks right in with a blast beat breakdown followed by heavy tremolo picking. The vocals kick in with Gorgoroth/Marduk like shrieks before transitioning back and forth with heavy low growls. Overall its very well written and produced with the bass taking a very prominent role in the production. Followed by a melodic Dissection / Dark Funeral-like interlude halfway through the track with very nasty shrieks and another slow rolling breakdown. Ending the song is a really nice atmospheric riff that transitions you to a battle mode for the God B’ahn with a choir in the background.

Stirred by Shadow, I Did Wake picks up on the choir with a mid tempo beginning with again very present bass rumbling through followed by fast paced oldschool tremolo picking and again a great mix between shrieks and growls. Followed by choirs over a fast tremolo picked melody line into a short break before a horrifying shriek kicks off the second half of the song in the well liked lines of Immortal riffage. The sudden double stops are for me definitely inspired by bands like Belphegor before the song ends again in a choir.

To Me, the Obelisk Calls follows up on the previous track by again a slow paced beginning with crazy nearly tech death assuming bass fills before dropping into a great symphonic black metal like riffing with again astonishing vocals. Overall this song is more mid-paced except for some in between fast parts. Something in the writing reminds me of a mid 2000s Behemoth like structure. The song ends in a very aggressive riff and barking vocals like you would imagine them coming from Mortuus.

The fifth song starts off with a very nearly DSBM style intro before the blast beats go full power stopping in Thorns/Mayhem style guitar riffs. Again vocals like Mortuus on Viktoria with the exception of the hard growls. With an overall length of nearly 9 minutes this song definitely goes through a lot of transitions with battlefield like speeches in between. A drum break in the middle starts off a riff inferno somewhat reminiscent of old Emperor again with the bass being so present in the mix that it takes over a more lead style role. The song then ends off with the same riff as the intro.

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By the Fires of Ascension Shall I Reach the Sky has from the beginning a more technical approach to it. Then after around a minute it comes back to a more traditional black metal style. The vocals tend to sound a lot like Rotting Christ in between the high shrieks. Synths overlay some parts of the song in a very pleasant way, not taking away space from the guitars but working more like a second melody line with choirs and speeches again at the end of the song.

The seventh song starts off mixed in a way that it’s at first completely centered left in the mix. Overall the mixing is highly different to the songs before. Still the song is fitting well with the rest but a trend in the songwriting definitely is starting to show, not in a bad way but especially on this track it feels like you already heard it somewhere previous. As it is again over 7 Minutes long it starts to get a bit heavy but after around 4 minutes the counter melody after a short breakdown feels like it is written by Jon Nödtveit of Dissection with the occasional Snorre Ruch / Euronymus like upstroking. The vocals are again very gnarly and fit the overall music perfectly.

The eight track is like the first one, an instrumental in the likes of film music / Summoning / Dimmu Borgir. Which shifts the mood a bit but its definitely nice to listen to. I would appreciate more of that in the album as it is really well composed.

The 9th and last track of the album For Violence Was Wrought Upon Me leaves no stone unturned directly from the start, hitting hard in a more Symphonic Death Metal way. Before transitioning in a nasty Archgoat style which fits it nicely as the closing track.


Overall a very good debut record. With the backstory of the music it gives of a very mystical touch to it and feels like Lovecraft stories but in a musical way. The overall production quality is very pleasing but some additional mastering in a way that the instruments overall have a more equal volume would be a bonus point. A solid 8 is in my opinion a fitting rating for it as the music is very well written and the young age of the band just adds to it. A very solid Debut record that’s really worth checking out.

BMZ Rating: 8 out of 10

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